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Having Dogs In Fuerteventura

Having Dogs In Fuerteventura

A number of people have asked about our dogs – whether we bought them with us from the UK or got them here. So thought I would briefly talk about having a dog in Fuerteventura and give the legal requirements for having dogs in Fuerteventura. I did post about how we got the dogs here –

Legally each dog must have a passport, be micro-chipped and have a Rabies jab. Unfortunately so many locals don’t do this and neither do they have their dogs neutered – but nothing seems to happen to them.

You have to have your dogs on a lead at all times, apart from in a dog park. This doesn’t seem to apply to locals. Dogs are not allowed on a beach, except for a designated dog beach. These are few and far between – if you can call them a beach anyway. Having said that, plenty of people do take their dogs on beaches. Particularly the locals – are you seeing a pattern here?

Travelling With Your Dog

To answer the questions “Can I take my dog to Fuerteventura?” or even “Can I take my dog to the Canary islands?” then yes you can, but at a cost. Flying to/from the UK, dogs have to travel on a scheduled flight (which means British Airways, Iberia or Monarch I think) and they can only fly into or out of an airport with an animal reception centre. I think this means Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester. Because of this the dogs go airfreight which costs a fortune. Dogs flying to Germany, Holland, Belgium etc travel as baggage with a passenger. Generally the cost is about the same as the passenger pays which could be as little as 39€. Small dogs can even travel in the cabin, in a suitable carry bag. I have heard of people flying to Belgium or Holland and being met by someone who has travelled by road across the Channel, which works out much cheaper.

It is possible to travel by car and ferry here with your dog, driving through France and Spain and getting the ferry from Cadiz. There are also specialist animal transportation companies which can arrange this.

Rescue Dogs

There are so many dogs needing good homes here that finding a rescue dog is certainly not difficult. Fuerteventura Dog Rescue, run by volunteers, does s great job but it is an uphill battle.

Fuerteventura Dog Rescue: Facebook Page

Watch video in Youtube

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13 thoughts on “Having Dogs In Fuerteventura

  1. Kirsty

    Hi JP, I found your video very helpful. We are planning on moving to Fuerteventura after the summer with our two small dogs, can you recommend as to where we can rent? That would be greatly appreciated any names of places or links or good websites or estate agents. Thankyou in advance.

  2. John

    Hi JP.

    I agree that a lot of locals appear to walk without the dog on a leash have you ever phoned the local police or guardia civil ?
    presumably they would have to respond?

    Incidentally we brought our dog over from Cadiz on the ferry.

    1. admin Post author

      It would be an interesting exercise to see if they did and what they would do. I intended including driving and ferries as an option to getting a dog top Fuerte but that was a portion where the wind noise on the microphone was too bad unfortunately. I will add it to the written version. How did you find the ferry crossing? Did your dog have to go in a kennel on deck or could he stay with you?

      1. John

        Hi JP.
        Yes the dog had to go in a kennel on the open deck but no problem with rain or spray & the kennels were of a good size certainly enough for a large springer type dog.
        Other larger size kennels were available on lower decks as well.

        Cost of the dog on the ferry was €70 return but only because we paid for 2 adults & a 6m vehicle with a total cost of €1330 return.

        Total crossing time approx 27hrs
        We’ve got a few photos of the deck kennels etc so could email some if of use ?
        Alternatively we do the return journey to Cadiz at the end of March so could take a few more.

  3. Sonya Ruane

    Hi JP
    Could you give me information on what ferry’s and route you took , I’m bringing my two German shepherd to Fuerteventura to live with us from Ireland , any help woul be appreciated, traveling mid February

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sonya, We didn’t bring the dogs with us; we adopted them here. There are two ferry routes – ARMAS ferries sail from Huelva in mainland Spain to Arrecife in Lanzarote and Trasmediterranea sail from Cadiz to Arrecife. Just search for them on Google. If you have a place here already and an NIE you can get big discounts for residents on these ferries. Email me if you need more info – [email protected]

  4. Carlene tinley

    Hi JP me and my husband are thinking off moving out with our dog and cat. Do we need to take a citizens test at all. Also looking for rental accommodation and work. We have a few savings. Just wondering if you could give some pointers . Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Carlene, No you don’t need to take a citizens test or anything like that (assuming you are already an EU citizen). Finding a rental property, particularly that will allow a dog, may be a little difficult as long-term rental properties are in demand at the moment. That depends on which areas of the island you want to live though as it is easier in the south than the north at the moment I think. Obviously you will find getting work easier if you can speak Spanish, or at least some.

  5. Carlene tinley

    Hi JP thank you for your advice. I look at the South then maybe. I speak very little Spanish and my job is a personal banker maybe some Spanish lessons needed. I let you know how we get on. We love your YouTube videos and are fans. Thank you again. I may come back with more questions . Do you know what rental prices are or where do find out. Thank you again. Carlene

    1. admin Post author

      The best thing to do is search on Google for “long term rent in Fuerteventura” which will bring up all the agents

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