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The Caves of Ajuy, Fuerteventura – Las Cuevas de Ajuy

The Caves of Ajuy, Fuerteventura

We decided to take a trip down south to visit the sea caves of Ajuy (Las Cuevas de Ajuy) as we had never been and it is another in the list of things to see in Fuerteventura. Ajuy (pronounced Ahooie) is a small coastal village about two-thirds of the way down the west coast of Fuerteventura. It is in the municipality of Pájara.

There is a car park just outside the village and a short downhill walk brings you to the sea front.

Caves of AjuyThe path to the caves is on the north (right-hand) side of the beach. It is a fairly easy walk along the cliff.

Caves of Ajuy

Caves of Ajuy

There are some spectacular sea views on the walk to the caves

There are some fairly steep steps down into the caves, but these do have a sturdy handrail. The caves are closed occasionally when the sea is very rough with a large swell for safety reasons. Yes, now and again health and safety does happen here!

Caves of Ajuy

When you get into the caves the first chamber has lots of large rocks to climb over if you want to reach the back of the sea caves but by going through the large hole you can enter the second chamber.

This has a sandy floor so you can easily walk all the way to the end of the cave. A torch or a flashlight app on a phone would be useful towards the end.

Like many things in Fuerteventura – it is free to visit the caves! So when deciding what to do in Fuerteventura it isn’t going to cost a fortune.

Would I recommend a trip to see the sea caves of Ajuy? I certainly would and you can follow it up with a nice lunch in one of the beachside restaurants and even have an hour on the beach. Had I been to the caves earlier it probably would have been added to my top 5 places to visit in Fuerteventura list

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