Fuerteventura In April 2017 – A Lazy Month

Well Fuerteventura in April was a bit of a lazy month. I didn’t achieve very much to be honest but never mind. The weather seems to have settled down to almost normal now. We still didn’t get to the beach – perhaps this month!

Fuerteventura in April
Oscar, Jenson and Sam having fun in the river beds

Many people seem to think that being an expat in Fuerteventura or even being an expat in the Canary Islands is just one long holiday but it isn’t of course. Actually we now feel quite envious of people who come here on holiday, as we used to, as they are spending a week or so doing nothing but enjoying themselves. When you live here life sort of just takes over.

Fuerteventura in April
One of the smaller beaches in Corralejo
This months Fuerteventura vlog includes:

– a timelapse shot from our apartment in El Cotillo
– a sunset from the garden
– coffee and fountains in the La Oliva church square
– our house Geckos
– eating out at the Canela Cafe in Lajares
– Sue’s teddy bear can see for the first time in 50 years as she has given him new eyes
– our first swim in the pool this year
– a female Common Kestrel and her chick
– El Cotillo Friday Craft Market
– a walk along Corralejo’s sea front after my dental appointment
– natural sand sculptures and the dogs in the river beds

Fuerteventura in April
Natural sand sculpture in the river beds

Watch the video in Youtube

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