Fuerteventura Vlog December 2015

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2015

What happened in my life in Fuerteventura in December. Sue was away in the UK to spend Christmas and the New Year with her son and his family so it was a bit quiet for myself and the dogs.

Unfortunately Sue was admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital with chest pains on 23rd December and kept in for a week pending tests for Angina so she missed all of Christmas. She had an Angiogram and the surgeon told her he envied her clear arteries!

I decided that I would spend some time on the beach on Christmas day, for the first time. I set off and as I was stuck behind a slow moving gaggle of cars I decided to take a short cut across country. Unfortunately it seems that when we had heavy rain a month or so ago the flood water eroded some of the track I use. I didn’t spot t in time so ended up in a hole with only one wheel touching the ground. I walked in to El Cotillo and found a friend, Brian, who came and pulled me out. I made it to the beach for an hour and a quick paddle.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy retirement life then Fuerteventura, or any of the Canary Islands, could be a good choice. It isn’t paradise but then nowhere is perfect. The climate is wonderful though and it allows you to be active outside every day of the year giving a great retirement lifestyle. It is a lot easier here to answer that old question “What to do when you retire?”

The vlog includes:

  • Lunch in La Oliva
  • Eating out in Corralejo
  • Christmas decorations
  • Usual walk
  • Sue makes mince pies
  • Jenson has a haircut
  • Christmas shopping
  • I have a haircut
  • Sue gets her blood test results
  • Sue flies off to the UK
  • River bed walk
  • Rain!
  • More DIY
  • Christmas day – car gets stuck, beach, presents and dinner
  • New years eve

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