Gatwick Airport Timelapse




Gatwick Airport Timelapse

Gatwick Airport Timelapse

The night before our flight back to Fuerteventura we stayed in the Bloc hotel which is situated in what were the old admin offices on top of the south terminal at Gatwick airport. We had room 686 which had a great view of the whole airport.

It took me back over 40 years to my plane spotting days as a teenager when I used to travel to Gatwick airport on the 727 bus and watch from the roof gardens, almost at the very spot I was staying.

It was a perfect place to stay. We managed to check our hold baggage in the night before the flight so in the morning we literally stepped out of the hotel lifts and 10 paces later we were in the security area.

To kill time I decided to play around with a few timelapse videos which I actually did using the Timelapse Pro app on my Android tablet.

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