Strong Gales in Fuerteventura – El Cotillo

Strong Gales in Fuerteventura – El Cotillo

There was a severe storm and gales in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands the weekend of 11th-12th February 2017. We had very strong gale force winds and driving rain at times. This isn’t typical of Fuerteventura weather though, fortunately, otherwise we probably wouldn’t live here. The storm was predicted to hit the island a few days before so there were plenty of warnings issued by the local government agencies. Local events were cancelled and the local school was closed for 4 days after the storm as it lost part of its roof during the gale.

As you will see in the video, the seas became very rough with large waves breaking over the new harbour wall. Also, much of the sand on the Surfer’s beach was washed away. This happens most years and, incredibly, the beach always repairs itself over the next few months until it is back to normal.

The gale blew down a tree at home in the afternoon. That is particularly a shame as there aren’t enough trees on the island. Unfortunately it also fell through a fence that separates our front garden from the swimming pool in the rear garden. More work to do. Getting rid of the tree was easy though. I just asked on a Facebook forum if anyone with a wood burner wanted to cut it up and take it. The next day a couple who live locally arrived with a pick-up truck and a chain saw and it was gone in an hour.

gale forced winds in Fuerteventura
Pretty big seas hit the cliffs

I had to go to our holiday apartment in El Cotillo after the electricity kept tripping. This was due to rain getting into the water pump electrics. While I was in El Cotillo I took some video of the big, choppy seas. Trying to protect the camera from the sea spray wasn’t easy at times as the spray was flying horizontally.

Watch the Gale Force Winds in Fuerteventura video in Youtube

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