Bonfire Night In Fuerteventura

I like a good bonfire

On 24th June it was the San Juan Bautista Fiesta here in the Canaries (and much of the rest of the Latin world). The evening before is the night that is celebrated with bonfires. This is the only time we are allowed to have bonfires here in Fuerteventura. At other times fines would be imposed by the police.

I took advantage of this and burnt almost two years’ worth of garden prunings etc. I forgot about this day last year. These took well over an hour to put on the bonfire and it was still smoking 24 hours later. The prunings will now start accumulate again ready for next year. That’ll teach me to buy a rare house with trees.

A favourite quote of mine – “Guy Fawkes was the last person to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

Watch the San Juan Eve video on Youtube

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