“Virgin of the Safe Voyage” Ceremony in El Cotillo Fiesta

“Virgin of the Safe Voyage” Ceremony in El Cotillo Fiesta

On Sunday 16th August 2015 the annual ceremony of the “Virgin of the safe voyage” was held in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura. The statue of the Virgin of the Safe Voyage is paraded from the church to the Old Harbour. Once it arrives it is taken on a short cruise in a fishing boat, followed by a flotilla. The statue is then paraded back to the church.

This year the sea was deemed too rough to leave from the Old Harbour so the statue was paraded from the old harbour to the New Harbour instead. It was then taken on a little trip out of the harbour, out to sea, and back. Then 10 minutes later it was brought back and taken through the streets again back to the church.

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