Los Molinos – Where to go in Fuerteventura

Los Molinos – Where to go in Fuerteventura

We had a trip to Los Molinos on the west coast of Fuerteventura. We also called in to the Los Molinos reservoir just outside. I have been there a few times and this was the busiest I have ever seen the beach.

At low tide there are some sea caves you can walk to. These are to the left of the beach but, unfortunately, the tide was too high to film them on this day.

It is a nice place to visit and have a drink or food at the little cafe. As you can see, there are a number of different types of birds that live there too.

The reservoir is located off of the road into Los Molinos. Turn left by the goat farm in the little village of Las Parcelas that you pass through and follow the track.

We also stopped near the windmill on the road in to visit the memorial to the 13 members of the Spanish Parachute Regiment. They died in an accident during a training exercise in 1972. Interestingly there is now an urn, presumably containing ashes, and a medal on the memorial.

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