Top 5 Fuerteventura Watersports Activities

Top 5 Watersports Activities In


Not that I have done all of these but these would be my first choice for my top 5 Watersports Activities in Fuerteventura.

There are many watersports schools in Fuerteventura so having a holiday here is an ideal opportunity to learn to surf, kitesurf or windsurf. There should never be a problem deciding what to do in Fuerteventura. The two main surf and kitesurf school areas in the north of Fuerteventura are El Cotillo and Flag Beach in Corralejo. Lajares, although inland, is also popular with surfers.

I cover three energetic activities and two more relaxing ones, for people like me, in the video.


This seems to have become very popular in recent years. It looks like a good activity to me as it seems you can do it most of the time. You don’t spend hours sitting on a surf board waiting for a wave.


Always popular, with no sign of it falling out of favour. People come from all over to surf here. We even had an American surfer from Hawaii stay in our apartment who came to sample the surf. Read these posts on Surfing in El Cotillo and surfing in Corralejo.


It is just me opinion but this seems a little less popular than it used to be. I have no idea why that may be.

Taking a catamaran trip

The first of the less energetic activities. if you like sailing you will love it. The best Catamaran trip is a 4 hour sail via Lobos Island.

Spending the day on the beach

Who couldn’t enjoy a day of lying on a beach, people watching, paddling and swimming in the clear warm waters. There are wonderful beaches in El Cotillo, Corralejo, Cofete and all along the south east coast.

There are of course other watersports activities in Fuerteventura such as SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and diving.

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