How to clean hot tub filters

How I clean my hot tub filters

Replacement hot tub filters are expensive so extending the life of the ones you have is very worthwhile.

Using this method to clean hot tub filters has meant I haven’t needed to change mine for a few years. You need nothing more than a hose pipe, a bucket and some chemicals (which you will have anyway). If you have one, you could use a pressure washer instead of the hose but do not use it too close as the extra force may damage the paper elements in the hot tub filters.

Some people have used washing up liquid or other household detergents to soak the filters in which may have some merit. However, the filters should be thoroughly rinsed afterwards otherwise you may get unwanted foam in your hot tub when you replace the filters. Using household bleach is not recommended as it can degrade the filters.

Filter manufacturers would say you should renew jacuzzi filters regularly but they would say that wouldn’t they!

This may not be the best way to clean hot tub filters, or the only way, but it works.

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