Monthly Fuerteventura Vlogs

This is where you will find all of my monthly Fuerteventura vlogs (video logs). I try to show what it was like here in Fuerteventura and what we did during that month.

Fuerteventura in November 2017

Fuerteventura in November 2017 Vlog – Part 1

Fuerteventura in November seemed seemed quite busy for me. Well, that is to say, I got plenty of footage, even if what I did wasn’t very exciting. I decided to split the monthly vlog into two. Sue went off to the UK for 17 nights to visit family and I stayed here with the dogs….

September 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog September 2017 | A little excitement and a JP rant!

Quite a busy month in September 2017 with both my brother and my son and his wife visiting – see my previous video This is what happened in the rest of the month. We were indoors watching tv one evening when a motorbike went by, followed by a bang. When we went outside, the…

Night out in Corralejo | Fuerteventura Vlog August 2017

Night out in Corralejo | Lunch in El Cotillo | Fuerteventura Vlog August 2017 August in Fuerteventura was a very hot one. Although we always have good weather, it was very hot for the whole month, which is unusual. Actually it was too hot at times, particularly at night, making it difficult to sleep. We…

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017 – I need to get out more!

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017 – I need to get out more! Recently I seem to be going out less and less so I think I need to get out more. I hardly seemed to do anything in July, which makes producing a monthly vlog harder to do. This month includes: – Jenson’s 3rd birthday so…

Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017 – Sunsets and timelapses

Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017 – Sunsets, timelapses and birthday It was another pretty quiet month here in Fuerteventura in May. Unusually there were some very pretty sunsets – unusual as the best sunsets are normally in the winter. We went out to meet friends a few times for drinks or to eat but otherwise didn’t…

Fuerteventura in April

Fuerteventura In April 2017 – A Lazy Month

Well Fuerteventura in April was a bit of a lazy month. I didn’t achieve very much to be honest but never mind. The weather seems to have settled down to almost normal now. We still didn’t get to the beach – perhaps this month! Many people seem to think that being an expat in Fuerteventura…

expat in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura March 2017 – Rain, Carnivals and Gold Lamé

Expat In Fuerteventura Vlog March 2017 – Rain, Carnivals and Gold Lamé This month as an expat in Fuerteventura we, hopefully, saw the last of the very odd weather we have been having which included gales, rain and even hailstones. As usual there were the daily dog walks with Oscar and Jenson – the highlight…

Fuerteventura Vlog February 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog February 2017 – Stormy Weather!

Fuerteventura Vlog February 2017 – Stormy Weather! The weather in Fuerteventura certainly went downhill during February. We had a big storm with gale force winds and then almost two weeks of very changeable weather. Not like Fuerteventura at all. It is not all sunshine being an expat in Fuerteventura. Of course, living in the Canary…

Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 – Food, Friends and Music

Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 – Food, Friends and Music In this month’s Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 we had friends over who were staying in a hotel early in the month so we met up with them (and ate). We also had friends coming over to stay with us for the last week of the month….

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016 This Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016 saw Sue fly off to the UK for Christmas again leaving the dogs and I to look after ourselves. Poor us having to spend Christmas in Fuerteventura! Actually, as soon as she left, so did the nice weather. We had two weeks of rain and then…