The Beautiful Beaches of El Cotillo, Fuerteventura

beaches of el cotillo

Beaches of El Cotillo – North of the village

The beaches of El Cotillo are very varied. There are sheltered beaches to the north of the village and more rugged (but more spectacular) beaches to the south.

I started the tour to the north, near the Toston lighthouse, where the beaches lie among the lagoons. These are formed by large groups of rocks just off the coast which take the brunt of the waves, leaving calm sheltered water behind. They are great for swimming and snorkelling. This is the area used most frequently by naturists as the rocks provide plenty of privacy.

Lagoons Beach Sunset
Lagoons Beach Sunset
Toston Lighthouse
Toston Lighthouse

The next beach south is the Caleton Beach – so named after the apartments located on the beach. This is particularly lovely for swimming and for children when the tide is in. When the tide is out a rock pool is left which always has a shoal of fish in (shown in the video). This beach is used frequently by naturists.

La Concha Beach Sunset
La Concha Beach Sunset

Continuing south, the next beach is Playa la Concha. It is also known as Shell beach and even Torino’s beach (because of the beach bar run by Torino). This is one of the most popular beaches in El Cotillo as it has safe swimming and the beach bar. To the right of the beach (looking towards the sea) is an area used by naturists. Whether you wear clothes or not anywhere is not an issue – everyone co-exists quite amiably normally. During the Spanish summer holidays however the beach is much less naturist.

Beaches of El Cotillo – South of the village

The other beaches of El Cotillo are all south of the village. The first, just a few minutes walk along the cliffs, is Piedra Playa (Stone Beach), also known as the Surfer’s Beach and sometimes the Wild Beach. This is the beach that is so popular with surfers, wind-surfers and kiteboarders/kitesurfers. There are lifeguards on duty most days and they fly the red, yellow or green flags. Care must be taken when swimming as there can be quite an undertow. Quite often we get a big storm in the winter and much of the sand gets washed off the beach. It then takes 4-5 months to magically rebuild itself.

Surfers Beach El Cotillo
Kitesurfer on Surfer’s Beach
El Cotillo Beaches
Surfer’s Beach Sunset

The last beach I am covering in this video is Steps Beach, so called because a set of steps were built some years ago giving access to the beach. It is my favourite beach of all the beaches in El Cotillo. About 8 years ago Sue and I went there for the first time. After we got to the bottom Sue took one look at the Heath Robinson build of the steps and said she would never go down there again – and she hasn’t!

Steps Beach El Cotillo
Steps Beach Panorama

Steps beach is often only used by 3 or 4 couples a day, except during July and August. I have been there in the winter (but still lovely weather) in an afternoon and my footprints have been the first on the beach since high tide.

I will make another beach video covering the next two beaches of El Cotillo going south – Esquinzo Beach and the very hard to find Tindaya Beach in the future.

Where to stay in El Cotillo

Hotels: There are only two –

Cotillo Beach Hotel – this is the largest hotel offering all-inclusive catering if required

Laif Hotel – a small hotel in the centre of El Cotillo with a rooftop pool

Apartments available for holiday lets:

1 bedroom apartments

2+ bedroom apartments

Villas/Houses in El Roque (just a short walk into El Cotillo) many with private pools

Villas/Houses in El Roque

More information on the El Cotillo Beaches can be found on this useful website –

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Talented musicians – Fuerteventura 2016

Fuerteventura 2016

What happened in June – Living in Fuerteventura 2016

This month’s Fuerteventura 2016 blog shows what we got up to living in Fuerteventura in June. It was a relatively quiet month with some lovely weather.

It was Sue’s birthday so we went to El Cotillo to celebrate. After a nice meal, eaten overlooking the sea at the El Roque de Pescadores restaurant we moved on to the Coyote bar, overlooking the old harbour, where we met a number of friends. The music that night was really good and the violin player was a particularly talented musician – watch towards the end of the video to see what I mean.

I had a strange moment in the Coyote bar when an English couple, who were on holiday, came up to me and said “You’re JP aren’t you? We watch all your videos.” I was quite taken aback. Thank you Pete and Karen. Perhaps I have found fame at last? I hope fortune is just around the corner.

It includes:

– Pool wildlife
– Sue’s Birthday (meal in an El Cotillo restaurant followed by a night in the Coyote Bar)
– San Juan bonfire
– an afternoon on a Fuerteventura beach – the El Cotillo lagoons
– Dogs digging in the river beds
– Pool swim


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Rock Pools at the El Cotillo Lagoons

Rock Pools

Exploring the rock pools at the lagoons

We spent a few hours sunbathing and exploring the rock pools in the beautiful El Cotillo lagoon beaches. This was the first time we had been to the beach together for a year, which is pretty sad. We have pledged to go once a week from now on but we will see how that goes (we have said this before).

The lagoons are located north of the village of El Cotillo, on the road to the lighthouse. They also extend along the north shore almost to Corralejo.

There are lots of varied life forms in the rock pools. This time it was mainly various fish and some shrimps. In the past we have seen crabs, sea cucumbers, octopus and sea urchins. Some claim to have seen a sea snake but I don’t know how true that is.

As in other parts of Fuerteventura there are many stone circles that have been built over the years by sunbathers. These provide shelter from the wind and privacy when sunbathing. It is an area frequented by naturists quite often but as with most other beaches on the island, naturists and non-naturists seem to co-exist without any problems..

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El Cotillo Beaches voted 4th best in Europe

El Cotillo Beaches

El Cotillo Lagoons Beach

El Cotillo Beaches

El Cotillo beaches have been voted the 4th best beaches in Europe by Tripadvisor in a recent survey.

With such a wonderful selection that is hardly surprising I suppose. There are the beaches to the south of the village which have amazing watersports opportunities for surfers, wind-surfers and kite boarders. It is a lovely natural beach with white sand and a walk along it and back is a great way to spend an hour. By contrast, the lovely relaxing lagoon beaches exist to the north where smaller beaches provide great places to sunbathe (with or without clothes) and completely safe swimming for all. Who couldn’t love them?

El Cotillo Beaches

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