Fuerteventura in November 2017 Vlog – Part 1

Fuerteventura in November 2017

Fuerteventura in November seemed seemed quite busy for me. Well, that is to say, I got plenty of footage, even if what I did wasn’t very exciting. I decided to split the monthly vlog into two.

Fuerteventura in November 2017
Oscar looking scary but having fun on the beach

Sue went off to the UK for 17 nights to visit family and I stayed here with the dogs. I decided to try and finish roofing a pergola at the rear of our house while she was gone.

I started it earlier in the year but it became too hot to spend much time up there so I delayed it until now. A neighbour of ours had their wooden lounge floor removed and replaced with tiles. The wood was going to the recycling centre so I recycled it instead. It is solid teak so very hard which meant I couldn’t nail the wood on as planned as I bent 4 out of every 5 nails. I therefore had to drill, countersink and screw every piece in place. So each section took ages.

While Sue was away I was either doing DIY or w alking the dogs. In 17 days I only spoke to one human being face to face!

We had dog walks in the Bristol Playa area of Corralejo, barrancos of Lajares.

Watch video in Youtube – https://youtu.be/A5LyxLB6Xyo

Fuerteventura Vlog September 2017 | A little excitement and a JP rant!

September 2017

Quite a busy month in September 2017 with both my brother and my son and his wife visiting – see my previous video https://youtu.be/K0CxYm1K5Og

This is what happened in the rest of the month.

We were indoors watching tv one evening when a motorbike went by, followed by a bang. When we went outside, the motorbike was against a wall and had caught on fire. The rider was nowhere to be seen. It took the Bomberos (fire brigade) over 20 minutes to arrive which doesn’t bode well if we have a house fire. They do have to come from Corralejo though.

When I loaded this video it had a little more footage in the sports bar in El Cotillo, where the football was being shown. Within 10 minutes of uploading the video, La Liga (Spanish League) claimed copyright of the video. So I received a copyright infringement on the video. This means that any of the small amount I received when people watch the adverts would go to them. Bugger that! I re-edited the video and uploaded it again. Up yours La Liga!

Watch the video in Youtube – https://youtu.be/T4KmpOxOyiY

Night out in Corralejo | Fuerteventura Vlog August 2017

Night out in Corralejo | Lunch in El Cotillo | Fuerteventura Vlog August 2017

August in Fuerteventura was a very hot one. Although we always have good weather, it was very hot for the whole month, which is unusual. Actually it was too hot at times, particularly at night, making it difficult to sleep. We had a number of Calimas too which didn’t help.

Night out in Corralejo
Cocktail Bar in Corralejo

This month:

  • we went for a night out in Corralejo with friends we hadn’t seen for almost 10 years.
  • we went to the Banana bar for a drink, followed by the Antiguo Tapas restaurant and then to a cocktail bar
  • I had to take Jenson to the vet in Corralejo as his anal glands were blocked again. Poor dogs – reminds me of my prostate check at the doctors!
  • a birthday lunch for Jacqui in El Cotillo (sorry, more singing)
  • a swim in the pool (which got lots of use this month)
  • a late evening walk in the river beds with Oscar and Jenson
  • a walk around the new harbour in El Cotillo

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Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017 – I need to get out more!

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017 – I need to get out more!

Recently I seem to be going out less and less so I think I need to get out more. I hardly seemed to do anything in July, which makes producing a monthly vlog harder to do.

This month includes:

– Jenson’s 3rd birthday so he had a piece of steak with three candles on it and stupid Sue and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017
Are we mad?

– Filming the wildlife in the back garden at night, including a Gecko and some bats. I enjoy a bit of bat spotting in Fuerteventura.
– Eating lunch at the kiosk in La Oliva
– Cleaning the swimming pool to get rid of the dust from the Calima
– Going to the dump in Lajares
– Messing about with the camera while driving over the river beds

Fuerteventura Vlog July 2017
Oscar co-driving on the way to the river beds

It is all excitement being an expat living in Fuerteventura you know!

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Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017 – Sunsets and timelapses

Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog May 2017 – Sunsets, timelapses and birthday

It was another pretty quiet month here in Fuerteventura in May. Unusually there were some very pretty sunsets – unusual as the best sunsets are normally in the winter. We went out to meet friends a few times for drinks or to eat but otherwise didn’t do a great deal. The inevitable daily dog walks of course and a few swims in the pool.

I did two timelapses – one sitting outside the Seahorse bar in El Cotillo and the other of the Toston Tower El Cotillo.

Thanks for watching my diary of an expat video showing what is it like to live in Fuerteventura in May.

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Fuerteventura In April 2017 – A Lazy Month

Fuerteventura in April

Well Fuerteventura in April was a bit of a lazy month. I didn’t achieve very much to be honest but never mind. The weather seems to have settled down to almost normal now. We still didn’t get to the beach – perhaps this month!

Fuerteventura in April
Oscar, Jenson and Sam having fun in the river beds

Many people seem to think that being an expat in Fuerteventura or even being an expat in the Canary Islands is just one long holiday but it isn’t of course. Actually we now feel quite envious of people who come here on holiday, as we used to, as they are spending a week or so doing nothing but enjoying themselves. When you live here life sort of just takes over.

Fuerteventura in April
One of the smaller beaches in Corralejo
This months Fuerteventura vlog includes:

– a timelapse shot from our apartment in El Cotillo
– a sunset from the garden
– coffee and fountains in the La Oliva church square
– our house Geckos
– eating out at the Canela Cafe in Lajares
– Sue’s teddy bear can see for the first time in 50 years as she has given him new eyes
– our first swim in the pool this year
– a female Common Kestrel and her chick
– El Cotillo Friday Craft Market
– a walk along Corralejo’s sea front after my dental appointment
– natural sand sculptures and the dogs in the river beds

Fuerteventura in April
Natural sand sculpture in the river beds

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Fuerteventura March 2017 – Rain, Carnivals and Gold Lamé

expat in Fuerteventura

Expat In Fuerteventura Vlog March 2017 – Rain, Carnivals and Gold Lamé

This month as an expat in Fuerteventura we, hopefully, saw the last of the very odd weather we have been having which included gales, rain and even hailstones. As usual there were the daily dog walks with Oscar and Jenson – the highlight of their day. My brother and part of his family came for a week’s holiday so I picked them up from the airport and we all went out together a few times.

Expat in Fuerteventura
Waiting at the airport
This Canary Islands vlog includes:

– A sunset from the garden (of course)
– a driving timelapse leaving Fuerteventura airport after dropping off some friends
– the dogs playing in the garden
Corralejo Carnival
– nature at its best in the dry river beds
– a rockfall on our walk
– the view from our rental apartment in El Cotillo

Expat in Fuerteventura
Not a bad view

– a bush covered in snails
– early morning and breakfast in Puerto del Rosario, the capital
– rain and getting soaked on a dog walk
– washing the car
– people timelapse at the airport
– a trip to Caleta de Fuste with my brother and his family (beware of the gold lame swimming trunks) where the Caleta de Fuste beach renovation is just about finished.
– another obligatory dog walk

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Strong Gales in Fuerteventura – El Cotillo

Gales in Fuerteventura

Strong Gales in Fuerteventura – El Cotillo

There was a severe storm and gales in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands the weekend of 11th-12th February 2017. We had very strong gale force winds and driving rain at times. This isn’t typical of Fuerteventura weather though, fortunately, otherwise we probably wouldn’t live here. The storm was predicted to hit the island a few days before so there were plenty of warnings issued by the local government agencies. Local events were cancelled and the local school was closed for 4 days after the storm as it lost part of its roof during the gale.

As you will see in the video, the seas became very rough with large waves breaking over the new harbour wall. Also, much of the sand on the Surfer’s beach was washed away. This happens most years and, incredibly, the beach always repairs itself over the next few months until it is back to normal.

The gale blew down a tree at home in the afternoon. That is particularly a shame as there aren’t enough trees on the island. Unfortunately it also fell through a fence that separates our front garden from the swimming pool in the rear garden. More work to do. Getting rid of the tree was easy though. I just asked on a Facebook forum if anyone with a wood burner wanted to cut it up and take it. The next day a couple who live locally arrived with a pick-up truck and a chain saw and it was gone in an hour.

gale forced winds in Fuerteventura
Pretty big seas hit the cliffs

I had to go to our holiday apartment in El Cotillo after the electricity kept tripping. This was due to rain getting into the water pump electrics. While I was in El Cotillo I took some video of the big, choppy seas. Trying to protect the camera from the sea spray wasn’t easy at times as the spray was flying horizontally.

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Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 – Food, Friends and Music

Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017

Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 – Food, Friends and Music

In this month’s Fuerteventura Vlog January 2017 we had friends over who were staying in a hotel early in the month so we met up with them (and ate). We also had friends coming over to stay with us for the last week of the month. This means we can play at being tourists again and go out visiting places and, inevitably, out to eat. We certainly did plenty of that in the last week.

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We visited

We also saw plenty of live music: Eric Sijpestijn playing in Corralejo, a girl playing the cello in Puerto del Rosario and an amazing trio appearing at the Cotillo Beach Hotel in El Cotillo which comprised an Albanian violinist, a Spanish guitarist and an Argentinian Tenor. You really can’t complain about entertainment like this for the cost of a beer.

If you are interested in Corralejo you may like this video: “Corralejo Fuerteventura – What is it like?

I hope you enjoyed this vlog of an expat in Fuerteventura. If you are considering retirement abroad then you may find Fuerteventura is the best place to retire in the Canary Islands. Becoming an expat in the Canary Islands isn’t as hard as you might think.

If you want to know why I like it then you may like this video: “Top 5 reasons I live in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016

Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016

This Fuerteventura Vlog December 2016 saw Sue fly off to the UK for Christmas again leaving the dogs and I to look after ourselves. Poor us having to spend Christmas in Fuerteventura! Actually, as soon as she left, so did the nice weather. We had two weeks of rain and then very strong winds and a Calima. When I say two weeks of rain, I don’t mean two weeks of UK rain, ie. non’stop, but rain most days for perhaps half an hour. There is little chance of snow for Christmas in Fuerteventura.

This month’s Fuerteventura vlog includes:

  • Having new tyres fitted to the car
  • Going up the lighthouse near El Cotillo (and banging my head)
  • Eating out at the Mahoh restaurant in Villaverde/La Oliva. Great food and nice place.
  • More of the new road between Corralejo and Lajares opens.
  • Watching Youtube – Les Waller’s channels:  Travel, beer and whisky reviews channel and  Wallerdog gaming channel
  • Taking Sue to the airport. It took a total of 5 minutes and 36 seconds from getting out of the car to her going through security. That’s the way to do it if you are watching UK airports!
  • The dogs have fun on a river bed walk
  • Catching the bus back from El Cotillo, Fuerteventura buses are very dependable and cheap too.
  • Sunset in El Cotillo
  • Treating the dogs to a walk on the beach on Christmas Eve (they aren’t allowed)

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