Cost of Living in Fuerteventura – House and Car Costs

house and car costs

Cost of Living in Fuerteventura – House and Car Costs

This is the second in a short series of videos on the cost of living in Fuerteventura 2017. This time it is the costs associated with housing and running a car. Check out part 1 – The cost of Food

The most significant difference between the cost of living in the Canary Islands and the UK is the charge for council tax in Fuerteventura. Our UK house council tax in Northamptonshire would now be £1902.82/2100€ a year yet our house here only costs £295/325€. The cost of living in Spain vs the UK is quite significant in some areas.

Another significant difference in the cost of living in Spain vs the UK is the cost of bottled gas. We pay £11.27/12.40€ per refill yet in the UK it is around £28.50/31.35€. Consequently our costs for hot water and hob cooking only amounts to around £1.80/2.00€ per week!

The most obvious difference with regard to the running costs of a car is the price of fuel. Diesel here is currently 0.80€ per litre. I think it is around £1.30 (1.45€) in the UK so almost double. Also car tax is much lower. My Mitsubishi 4×4 is about 75€ but in the UK I think it would be £305 (340€).

I don’t think the house and car costs in Fuerteventura are significantly different to the costs in Spain (mainland) except that the VAT is higher there.

Hopefully this will help give an idea of how much does it cost to live in Spain per month for expats.

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Cost of living in Fuerteventura – food & supermarkets

By popular request I will be doing a short series of videos and posts on the cost of living in Fuerteventura over the coming months. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to cover any particular cost of living topic.

In this video I talk about the cost of food in Fuerteventura and food prices in Spain generally. I also show what is available and give a few examples of prices for beer, wine, spirits etc.

We take a walk around a Mercadona the largest of the supermarkets in Corralejo. The Mercadona supermarket is one of a number now here on the island. Mercadona is part of a chain of supermarkets in mainland Spain (known as “The Peninsular” here). There are other Corralejo supermarkets such as Eurospar, Superdino and Padilla dotted around the town.

Generally, as far as food and groceries are concerned, I would say the cost of living in Fuerteventura is cheaper, or on a par with the UK. If you buy brands you know from the UK or Germany, and they are imported, they will undoubtedly cost more. But most of the local brands are just as good so you just need to try them.

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The Spanish Healthcare System – Living in Fuerteventura

Spanish Healthcare System

The Spanish Healthcare System

The Spanish healthcare system is fairly similar to the UK system in that people pay a National Insurance contribution which gives them access to healthcare in Spain. This also applies to obtaining healthcare in the Canary Islands.


New Universal Healthcare Law July 27 2018 FAQS

If you are an expat in Spain then there are a number of options:

1. If you are under State pension age then
a) If you get a job in Spain you will pay NI so you, and your dependants, will be eligible to receive Spanish health care
b) You can opt to pay to join the Spanish health system by paying 65€ a month if under 65 and 149€ if over 65. Spanish healthcare for retirees over 65 or receiving a state pension can join.
c) You can take out private health insurance to get healthcare cover in Spain

2. If you, or your wife/husband, received state pension in your home country then you can register for the Spanish health service

You can use an EHIC card for emergency treatment temporarily.

Spanish Healthcare System
Fuerteventura General Hospital in Puerto del Rosario

Fuerteventura hospital is located in Puerto del Rosario, the capital, and I have to say it is very good. Sue was admitted with Pancreatitis three years ago for 6 days and received very good care. Better than she received in an NHS hospital to be honest.

I have been asked by a number of subscribers to make more videos and posts about living in Fuerteventura. The most requested topic was the healthcare in Fuerteventura so that is what I started with. I will try and do one of these a month – although I don’t enjoy talking to the camera and hate seeing myself too! I actually did this video the previous day – without making any mistakes but when I checked the footage later something went wrong with the audio. Typically I made lots of mistakes when I re-shot it.

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