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  • Learning Spanish

    Learning Spanish – My experience learning Spanish so far

    I have been having learning Spanish in one-to-one lessons for a couple of years now. The biggest problem I have is that I don’t get much chance to actually practice speaking Spanish. This is rather sad when you consider that I live in a Spanish speaking place. I have found the Synergy Spanish course very…

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  • life of an expat

    A Day In The Life Of An Expat

    So many people seem to think that the life of an expat here in Fuerteventura is just one big holiday. If only that were the case. What most people overlook is that once you live somewhere, as opposed to coming on holiday, life takes over. We have to do the shopping, do housework, do the…

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  • Where to live in Fuerteventura - La Oliva Fuerteventura

    Where to live in Fuerteventura – La Oliva

    Where to live in Fuerteventura – La Oliva Fuerteventura The most often question I get asked when people contact me is “Where do you live in Fuerteventura?” As most people never visit La Oliva when they come to Fuerteventura I thought I would do a video on what there is here to see and what…

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  • Expat Interviews

    Expat Interviews – Am I Famous? (NO)

    Over the past few months various online expat magazines have featured expat interviews with me. These have mainly been about what moving and living abroad has been like for us. I thought I would give a few links to them here should anyone be interested in looking at them. Let me know…

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  • Retire to Fuerteventura

    Am I Lucky To Retire To Fuerteventura?

    Am I Lucky To Retire To Fuerteventura? Absolutely not! When we decided to retire to Fuerteventura, as far as I am concerned, luck had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Sue and I decided that we wanted to retire in Fuerteventura, so we worked towards that. I always say that if it was down to…

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  • live in fuerteventura

    Top 5 Reasons I Live in Fuerteventura

    Here, I give my top 5 reasons for living in Fuerteventura, which I thought might be useful for anyone considering doing the same. My top 5 reasons to live in Fuerteventura 1. Climate It would be hard for this not to be number one on my list of top 5 reasons to live here, particularly…

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  • Villa Charlotte Aguas Verdes

    Shattered Dreams – Villa Charlotte, Aguas Verdes, Fuerteventura

    Villa Charlotte This villa is a very sad sight and represents a family’s shattered dreams. It is in a wonderful position with amazing coastal views but that may have been its downfall. It was lived in, and probably built by, an English family, possibly from the Liverpool area. It may be that, although they had…

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  • internet access in fuerteventura

    Internet Access in Fuerteventura

    It isn’t that often I find something negative to say about living here but the Fuerteventura internet access is an exception (but read the update). I needed to upload my next video to Youtube last night. After compressing the file to be as small as possible, it became a 400Mb file. I started the upload…

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  • life is tough, hot tub

    Life Is Tough – My Morning Routine

    Life Is Tough in Fuerteventura Many people I know, who are still in the UK, think that I have an easy life here in Fuerteventura. Well I thought a video was well overdue to dispel that myth and show how tough life here really is. Honestly, it is really tough! Why won’t anyone believe me?…

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