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  • spanish builders

    Spanish Builders – What are they like?

    We bought our house here in 2013 and since then it has been a constant round of maintenance thanks to the Spanish builders. We lived in our two previous houses in the UK for 17 years and in that time I didn’t need to do as much as I have done on this house in…

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  • House Remodel

    House Remodel – Before, During and After

    House Remodel – Finished at last! I produced a video to show the before and after of our house remodel from photos and videos taking during the process. When we bought this house we did so knowing that we needed to do some fairly major upgrades. To start we installed patio doors to the swimming…

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  • workshop tour, shop tour

    Workshop Tour and Clean Up

    Workshop Tour and Clean Up A quick workshop tour and clean up before I start to fully reorganise and rearrange it. I will do another shop tour once I have finished. I have been wanting to get started on this for many months. As we have been remodelling the house, the workshop became a dumping…

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  • Cleaning a swimming pool

    How to Clean A Swimming Pool

    How I clean my pool If you have bought a house and want to know how to clean a swimming pool then I hope this video helps. The house we bought here in Fuerteventura has a swimming pool – well frankly we would not have bought one without, or without the ability to add one,…

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