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By popular request I will be doing a short series of videos and posts on the cost of living in Fuerteventura over the coming months. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to cover any particular cost of living topic.

In this video I talk about the cost of food in Fuerteventura and food prices in Spain generally. I also show what is available and give a few examples of prices for beer, wine, spirits etc.

Mercadona Cost of living

We take a walk around a Mercadona the largest of the supermarkets in Corralejo. The Mercadona supermarket is one of a number now here on the island. Mercadona is part of a chain of supermarkets in mainland Spain (known as “The Peninsular” here).

Lidl has now opened right next door to Mercadona.

There are other Corralejo supermarkets such as Eurospar, Superdino and Padilla dotted around the town.

Cost of living Mercadona Meat Counter

Generally, as far as food and groceries are concerned, I would say the cost of living in Fuerteventura is cheaper, or on a par with the UK.

If you buy brands you know from the UK or Germany, and they are imported, they will undoubtedly cost more. But most of the local brands are just as good so you just need to try them.

Watch the supermarkets in Fuerteventura video in Youtube

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7 responses to “Cost of living in Fuerteventura – food & supermarkets”

  1. john purnell avatar
    john purnell

    great video JP-it was a pleasure to meet last month and we will be back. In the meantime we will think of some subjects for you. the first one would be cost of electric/gas per year as the UK average is now £12,000 and rising.

  2. john purnell avatar
    john purnell

    sorry that should be £1200 per year. not that bad yet!!

    1. admin avatar

      Thanks John. It was a pleasure meeting you both too.

  3. Glenn Harrop avatar
    Glenn Harrop

    Hello JP, please could you make a video about the costs of banking and also which bank is preferred by the ex-pats?

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      Glenn, so for the delay in replying. I think almost every bank is used by ex-pats. I have been banking for almost 50 years and can’t say I have ever come across a good one. We haven’t used them but I have heard others say that Sabadell is quite good. I don’t think a video will work as you can’t amend a video when things change but I will give some thought to writing a blog post about banking which can be amended – although it sounds dreadfully boring 😉

  4. Olga Biermans avatar
    Olga Biermans

    Hi JP, I am very glad I came across this site of yours as I will move to Fuerte in 3 yrs time as I will be retiring then. Is it too early now to ask about possible vegetarian grocery opties, as it might still change in the 3 years that still have to pass before I will move?

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      There seem to be more vegetarian options appearing in supermarkets and also some vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Good luck with the plans Olga.

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