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Whether you want to retire to Fuerteventura or are just visiting on holiday I hope you will find plenty here to interest you. I will try to give you the benefit of our experience of what Fuerteventura is like, where to go and what to see.

How we retired here

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Fuerteventura Airport Guide

Fuerteventura Airport FUE – Complete Guide By a Resident

Fuerteventura airport is a really nice airport in my opinion, and I have been to quite a few airports around the world in my life. Fuerteventura airport is modern and large enough so that there is always somewhere to sit and wait for your flight, even during busy periods. Fuerteventura Airport has grown considerably in…

Weather in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Weather – a Resident’s Guide (not an App)

In my opinion the weather in Fuerteventura makes the climate one of the best in the world, not that I have visited everywhere to compare of course but I am well quite travelled. It was the climate in Fuerteventura that was one of the most important reasons I moved here. The Fuerteventura weather is not…

Is it always windy in Fuerteventura

Is it always windy in Fuerteventura?

Who says it is windy in Fuerteventura? Well ok, Fuerteventura can be quite windy I grant you, particularly at certain times of the year, but that is often a good thing as it helps to keep the temperature down to a nice level during the summer and it makes kite surfers happy. Is Fuerteventura windy…

Tips for driving in fuerteventura

Driving in Fuerteventura – tips, advice and local laws

Tips for driving in Fuerteventura Are you coming to Fuerteventura but unsure about hiring a car and driving in Fuerteventura as you have never driven abroad before? Hopefully I can convince you to give it a try. You will see much more of the island and be glad that you did, believe me. If you…

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Come back tourists, all is forgiven. Fuerteventura is empty.

The restrictions imposed my governments around the world on travel is having a big impact in Fuerteventura, and the Canary Islands in general. Fuerteventura relies heavily on the tourist trade to provide employment for the residents of the island. The hotels and other tourist related businesses have now been mostly closed for 6 months. This…

Canary Islands Covid-19 travel insurance

Canary Islands Covid-19 travel insurance guaranteed

NEW CANARIAN COVID-19 TRAVEL INSURANCE At last some good Fuerteventura news and some good covid-19 news. The Canary Island government have taken out a travel insurance policy with AXA insurance which will cover all visitors to the Canary Islands, including Fuerteventura, should you become positive for Covid-19 during your visit. This means that you will…

Fuerteventura water - is it safe to drink

Can you drink the tap water in Fuerteventura?

If you are coming to Fuerteventura on holiday then asking can you drink the tap water in Fuerteventura is not an unreasonable question. You can drink the tap water in Fuerteventura as it is safe, however, it does have quite a high amount of chlorine in it so it doesn’t taste too good. It is…

Fuerteventura is locked down

Fuerteventura Coronavirus Situation

Latest Fuerteventura Coronavirus Situation As at 14th March 2022: Active Infections Dead (with it not of it!) In Hospital In ICU 259 35 3 0 Fuerteventura was on the UK’s Amber List (now done away with I understand). It seems that from 1st December only those that have a vaccination certificate are permitted to travel…

Is Fuerteventura in the EU

Is Fuerteventura in the EU? Duty free allowances

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion amongst visitors as to whether Fuerteventura is a part of the EU or not. Is Fuerteventura in the EU? Yes, Fuerteventura, and the Canary Islands, are part of the Outermost Regions of the EU but it is not part of the EU Customs Union so VAT…

are there mosquitoes in Fuerteventura

Are there mosquitoes in Fuerteventura or other creepy crawlies?

For anyone who is sensitive to mosquito bites asking if there are mosquitoes in Fuerteventura is a fair question if you are planning to visit the island. Well I am sorry to disappoint you but actually there are. However, don’t get too worried as although they are found here, they are not a massive problem…