My favourite road in Fuerteventura

Although there are some lovely roads to drive on in Fuerteventura, without doubt, my absolute favourite is to drive through the Corralejo Dunes along the coast road. It runs from its southern most end at Parque Holandes along the coast and right through the wonderful Dunes Natural Park to Corralejo at its northern end.

Whenever I drive on this road, seeing the landscape, the beautiful clear turquoise sea and the beautiful white sand dunes, it always reminds me why I came to live in Fuerteventura.

My favourite road in Fuerteventura
Approaching the first beach from the south

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I am sure it must rank as one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Well certainly in the Canary Islands anyway.

The road gives access to all the dunes beaches, which are the most beautiful of the beaches in Fuerteventura. You can read about them, and watch a video, in my post The Dunes Beaches of Corralejo.

The plan was to close this road to through traffic once the new road fully opened. Now it seems it will remain open. You should be aware that they have reduced the speed limit to 50kph. This applies along the entire stretch but that means you will have more time to enjoy the view.

My favourite road in Fuerteventura
A buggy tour stops for photos on the dunes

Be careful when you get to the first few beaches by the roads (coming from the south) as people often just back out from their parking spots without looking properly.

You can watch my favourite road in Fuerteventura video of the entire road in my video to see what I am making a fuss about!

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