The New Road Finally Opens – Fastest Road in the North

New Road Opens

The New Road Finally Opens – The Fastest Road in the North

A number of subscribers asked if I could publish a trip on the new road, which surprised me. So here it is. Fuerteventura roads are pretty good which makes driving in Fuerteventura a pleasure.

This road was started about 10 years ago but then seemed to stall for a number of years. It became a bit of a local joke as occasionally you might see two men working on it, one with a shovel while the other watched him. Then, about a year ago, they really started working on it properly.

Only the southbound part is open at the moment, so ok for travelling from Corralejo to Rosario, but that is something. It is the first piece of dual carriageway in the north of Fuerteventura and it has a 100kph speed limit – 10kph more than any other road in the north.

They are continuing to work on the section which runs past Tamaragua down to the first roundabout in Corralejo. Hopefully that will open before the year ends.

Having a new piece of road open in most places isn’t such a big deal but here in Fuerteventura we take our pleasures simply 😉

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Fuerteventura Roads – What are they like?

Fuerteventura Roads

Fuerteventura Roads

Generally the Fuerteventura roads are very good. We don’t get the weather here that ruins roads in the UK and northern Europe. By that I mean the constant freeze/thaw in the winter that breaks up the surface.

Fuerteventura Roads

I enjoy driving here as the roads are interesting with lots of bends so you don’t have the chance to get bored. Then there is the scenery to keep you interested as you drive through too.

One of the great things about the Fuerteventura roads is that you never get stuck in traffic jams. I remember driving through the capital, Puerto del Rosario, during “rush hour” once. The traffic was awful as I was the third car back getting on to the main roundabout and delayed by 20 seconds. How awful!

There are no motorways here although they are building a dual carriageway that will go from the north to the south. When I say building, they started it years ago and keep running out of money so it stops again. There are some sections completed in the south of the island and the inland dual carriageway new road to Corralejo is now fully open (in 2019).

As well as tarmac paved roads there are plenty of unmade “tracks”. These often provide access to the beaches. When you hire a car here you sign the agreement which says you will not take the car on unpaved roads. This naturally doesn’t stop most people from doing it. In fact, in the past, I have taken hire cars down tracks that I may think twice about taking my 4×4 down!

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Fuerteventura Driving Timelapse – the north in 6 minutes!

Over the last years I have taken videos from the car while driving. I have put these together in this video which contains various timelapses taken from the car.

They include:

  • Esquinzo Beach to El Cotillo (off road)
  • La Oliva to El Cotillo Lighthouse
  • La Oliva to the Dunes beach via Caldereta
  • La Oliva to Corralejo
  • La Oliva to Betancuria and Pajara (through the mountains)

Watch the Fuerteventura driving timelapse video in Youtube