Gardeners’ World from Fuerteventura – Garden Tour

Gardeners’ World from Fuerteventura – Garden Tour

Gardeners World from Fuerteventura – Garden Tour

As a lifelong viewer of the BBC Gardeners World tv programme right from the late 70s to the present day I thought I would do a little “spoof” copy using the best of the themes used for the programme in the 1980s with the opening titles in the style of the day. This was in the days of my favourite tv gardener, Geoffrey Smith, gardening at Clack’s Farm , the end of Percy Thrower also the start of Geoff Hamilton’s hosting era from Barnsdale.

Fuerteventura is on a similar latitude to Florida and Arizona. In fact, gardening here is very similar to gardening in the Arizona Desert. We have very long, hot, dry summers and warm winters. There is little soil and rain only falls during a few months of the winter. Our garden is rather unusual for here as it has a number of trees. Trees are unfortunately not very common on this island.

Plants like Bougainvillea, Yucca, Agave, Canarian Date Palms and all forms of succulent thrive here. Although you can grow things like roses here they are hard work and frankly you are better gardening with the climate rather than fighting it.

I will add some more videos as I make progress around the garden.

Music – “Green Fingers” Gardeners World Theme from the 1980s. Credit: composed by John Clarke and Reg Reid, played by Harold Rich & His Players

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