Fireworks Display for the El Cotillo Fiesta

Fireworks Display for the El Cotillo Fiesta

The annual firework display at the El Cotillo, Fuerteventura Fiesta 2015. Each year, after they walk the statue of the Virgin of the Safe Voyage back from the El Cotillo church to the El Roque church, where it spends the rest of the year, a firework display takes place. They are set off in the Old Harbour but we decided to watch from the cliffs outside the New Harbour. We waited for over two hours as, in typical Canarian fashion, they were later than expected.

As this was the end of the fiesta, it meant that many of the ex-pat residents could think about moving back to the village. El Cotillo changes dramatically during the fiesta. For 50 weeks of the year it is a quiet, laid back place but during the fiesta it is like hell on earth for most of the time. Some of it is nice, such as the traditional music night, the Virgin of the Safe Voyage Ceremony and the fireworks, but it seems to have been hijacked in recent years by teenagers from all over the island. Incredibly loud live music starts around 11pm and goes on until 6am or later. Unless you are a very heavy sleeper, it is impossible to sleep while it is on. So many people take a holiday during the fiesta and go back to the UK, Germany or wherever, or even over to Lanzarote, to get away from it.

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