Bring old batteries back to life

Bring Old Batteries Back To Life Again

Bring Old Batteries Back To Life. If you tried my method of reviving a dead power tool battery but it either didn’t work at all, or the battery now charges but doesn’t hold its charge for very long, then it may be that one or more of the cells in the battery are faulty. If…

Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura

Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura – A very unique beach

PLEASE don’t take any of it away with you if you visit the beach! It is starting to disappear because visitors are taking souvenirs home with them (which is also illegal) Popcorn Beach is located on the north shore of Fuerteventura between Majanicho and Corralejo. It’s actual name is Playa el Hierro. Although most beaches…

what I miss about the uk

What Things Do I and Don’t I Miss About The UK

This is a rough transcript of my video about things I miss about the UK. You can watch the video or read the article – aren’t I kind giving you a choice! I’m going to talk about the things I miss about the UK and what I don’t miss living here in Fuerteventura as opposed…

Caleta de Fuste in 1987

Caleta De Fuste in 1987 – 33 years ago!

I was going through some old VHS home videos and came across footage of a holiday in Caleta De Fuste in 1987. I had recently got my old VHS-DVD player working so I decided to download the video and put it up in Youtube. Caleta de Fuste was just in its early stages of development…

The West Coast of Fuerteventura – beautiful, rugged, and spectacular

While the east coast has some beautiful beaches, the west coast of Fuerteventura has the most spectacular and rugged coastline, as well as some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura. The Atlantic waves have obviously been battering the west coast for millions of years so it is no wonder it is so rugged. It certainly…

where to eat in Fuerteventura

Where to eat in Fuerteventura – Casa de la Naturaleza in Vega de Rio Palmas

This week we had to choose where to eat in Fuerteventura that was somewhere in the middle of the island. That was because friends of ours were here on holiday in Fuerteventura, staying in the south of the island in Costa Calma, and we wanted to meet them for lunch. Location The restaurant is located…

Caleta de fuste beach

What is Caleta de Fuste like? | Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura

In this video I show the main areas of Caleta de Fuste, including the marina, the beaches, shops, restaurants, bars, some of the hotels and the golf courses. I also talk a bit about what Costa Caleta was like in 1987 when I first stayed there. First I show the marina area which is one…

Drone Flying in Fuerteventura

Drone Flying in Fuerteventura – My first flight

Drone flying in Fuerteventura for the first time Sue, my wife, bought me a Holy Stone HS200 drone for Christmas so I decided to try it out after walking the dogs in the river beds. Well, I guess you could say it was a first drone flight fail! I crashed the drone many times, particularly…

Fuerteventura in winter

What is the weather like in Fuerteventura in winter?

When people are looking for somewhere to go to escape the cold and rain in northern Europe during winter one of their first questions is “What is the weather like in Fuerteventura in winter?” Well in this video, hopefully, I will answer that question.  I have experienced winter in Fuerteventura for the past 10 years…

Fuerteventura in November 2017

Fuerteventura in November 2017 Vlog – Part 1

Fuerteventura in November seemed seemed quite busy for me. Well, that is to say, I got plenty of footage, even if what I did wasn’t very exciting. I decided to split the monthly vlog into two. Sue went off to the UK for 17 nights to visit family and I stayed here with the dogs….