Is Fuerteventura Windy? Debunking the Myths




Who says it is windy in Fuerteventura? Ok, I grant you that Fuerteventura can be quite windy, particularly at certain times of the year. But that is often a good thing as it helps to keep the temperature down to a nice level during the summer and it also makes kite and wind surfers happy.

Is it windy in Fuerteventura is something I get asked a lot, as Fuerteventura certainly seems to have a reputation for being a windy island. It is a reputation that is justified to some extent, but I would call it breezy rather than windy for much of the year.

No relatively small island in the world that is surrounded by a large ocean is without a good deal of wind for much of the time. I have never been to any of the West Indies islands, for example, that didn’t have a pretty constant moderate breeze most of the day.

How windy is Fuerteventura?

It is certainly not always windy in Fuerteventura, despite the rumours.

I am writing this at 10am on 1st February and, looking out of my window, I can see that the leaves on the trees in my garden are not even moving slightly. It is totally still (and lovely and sunny too).

The amount of wind depends on a number of factors:

  • the time of year, as some months are windier than others
  • whether there is a large weather system in the area
  • the time of day
  • where on the island you are

The prevailing Fuerteventura wind is from the NNE (north-northeast) as it is situated at the start of the Trade Winds that sailing ships of old used to travel across to the American continent (and yachtsmen still use today to cross the Atlantic).

Is fuerteventura windy? Average monthly wind speed in Fuerteventura
Fuerteventura wind by month

Why is Fuerteventura so windy?

As I said above, it is not always windy in Fuerteventura, but as with all islands in warm parts of the world, the sea has a major influence on the wind.

During the day, the land heats up and the air above it rises. Cooler air is then drawn in from above the sea to replace the rising air, causing a wind.

What is the windiest month in Fuerteventura?

The two windiest months in Fuerteventura are normally July and August.

Now this may sound like bad news, with those months being a popular time for visitors from the UK and other parts of northern Europe to visit (often with children). But fear not, it is actually a good thing, as without the wind the temperatures would be as unbearable during the day as it often is in southern Spain and the Balearic Islands during those months.

My brother and his wife took their grandson to Ibiza in August last year and it was so hot that they had to stay in the air-conditioned sanctuary of their hotel during the day and could only go to the beach in the evening.

The wind helps keep things cool so you can spend the day on the beach or by a pool.

On many beaches in Fuerteventura, at least the good, natural beaches, you will find many stone circles, built by tourists, that you can lie in to get out of the wind if you want. They also provide a good deal of privacy too.

Stone circle on a Corralejo beach
Stone circle on a Corralejo beach

When is it least windy in Fuerteventura?

September, October and November are, more often than not, the least windy months in Fuerteventura. In fact, I think they are the two nicest months of the year as the temperature is still quite high and the wind is more like a light breeze.

My wife and I always came here at that time of year for holidays, which was particularly good as the children had gone back to school by then so flights were much cheaper.

Of course, it is still possible to have a few windy days but you win some and you lose some.

windy fuerteventura

Is Fuerteventura windy in winter?

Although it certainly can be windy in Fuerteventura during the winter, that is only now and again. For the most part, an average winter day, Fuerteventura is like a nice spring day in the UK (I vaguely remember those).

For four years before we moved here full time, we normally spent 2-3 months here over the winter and would be able to spend the afternoon on the beach the majority of the days, and many of those days would hardly have any wind.

This is a video I made about the winter weather in Fuerteventura:

Is the wind cold in Fuerteventura?

Firstly, Fuerteventura is never cold, at least not by UK standards. Fuerteventura never even gets close to having a frost, even on the coldest morning of the year. Last winter, the coldest nighttime temperature that registered on my thermometer was 11ºC.

But what about the wind? I have lived here for more than 10 years and I take my dog for a walk every evening at about an hour before the sun sets. Last winter, I put my fleece over my t-shirt about ten times because the wind seemed a little cold when I went out – but I was still wearing shorts. Honestly, I probably didn’t need it on half of those occasions.

Mind you, many think I am a bit hardy as I have only ever worn shorts since I have lived here. Some of my local friends I walk the dogs with sometimes wear jeans, shirt, jumper and a coat when we walk while I just have shorts and a t-shirt on.

If you are coming here on holiday during the winter months, then you may need a cardigan or something on in the evenings when you are out and about – but leave the winter woollies at home.

Which is windier Lanzarote or Fuerteventura?

To be honest, I think there is little to choose between the two islands as far as which is the windiest. They both have their moments. Considering that they are only a few miles apart, you might think that if it is windy on a particular day on one island, it will be the same on the other. But bizarrely, that often isn’t the case.

I find it quite amazing how different Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are, as far as the weather goes at any particular moment and in the landscape. I can see Lanzarote from just down the road from my house and quite often we have no clouds at all but I can see Lanzarote is covered in it.

Which is the windiest Canary Islands?

Both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are generally considered to be the windiest Canary Islands. Why that is, I am still not entirely sure, as the other islands are further out into the Atlantic so it would make more sense if they were windier. I guess it is some kind of meteorological phenomenon.

That doesn’t mean that the other islands, such as Tenerife or Gran Canaria, are not also windy as they certainly can be pretty windy at times.

Does Fuerteventura mean strong wind?

Although many people believe that the name Fuerteventura “Fuerte Ventura” means strong wind, the jury is out on this one.

Fuerte certainly means “strong,” but while Ventura could mean wind, it is more likely to mean luck/fortune. So it could mean either strong wind but more probably strong luck/good fortune.

Calima Fuerteventura – what is it?

Is Fuerteventura windy - A calima in Fuerteventura
This is a Calima on 22nd February 2020, the worst we have experienced. There are mountains there somewhere!

Many people have heard of the Mistral wind in France and even the Sirocco, which blows from the Sahara north towards the Mediterranean, but not many have heard of a Calima. A Calima is a particular wind that blows from the Sahara area of North Africa towards and over the Canary Islands.

A Calima often brings with it dust and heat. However, they are not that common and only tend to last for a few days and a maximum of a week when they do occur.

The dust can give the sky on the horizon a yellow/orange tinge, reducing visibility quite substantially at times. Most people with respiratory problems, such as asthma, generally experience few problems here in Fuerteventura most of the year as the air is so clean, but during a Calima, they can have problems.

The heat is not only caused by the warm air being blown in from the desert but also by the dust forming a kind of thermal blanket over the islands, which allows the sun’s heat in but then traps it and stops it from dissipating into the atmosphere. This is not normally a problem in the winter though.

Update: February 2020

You may have seen all of the media coverage about the big Calima in the Canary Islands. It was the worst that the islands have experienced, some say, for 40 years. If you want to see what it was like, watch the video below:

I have written a few posts and made videos about the Calimas – Fuerteventura weather – Calima and dirty rain and Fuerteventura Calima – so it is very hot today

What are the most popular sports in Fuerteventura?

Not surprisingly, the Fuerteventura wind is actually an important factor in the most popular sports on the island.

Windsurfing, kite-boarding and surfing are extremely popular here and attract enthusiasts from all over the world. Windsurfing and kite-boarding can’t happen without the wind, so it is pretty important.

windsurfing in Fuerteventura

Windsurfers take full advantage of July and August being particularly windy as the World Windsurfing Championships are held here then.

Anyone who is serious about these sports spends lots of time studying the wind and wave heights on, which is an incredibly detailed site showing predictions at all times of the day. Just search windguru Fuerteventura on Google to see what I mean.

Fuerteventura Wind FAQs

Is the wind a problem in Fuerteventura?

The wind being generally stronger during the hotter summer month means it is often a benefit rather than a problem as it helps to keep cool.

Does Fuerteventura mean strong wind?

It is more likely that Fuerteventura actually means good or strong fortune

Is Fuerteventura too windy to sunbathe?

On the beaches there are many stone circles to sunbathe in if the wind is particularly strong. For much of the year no wind protection is needed.

What is the best time to visit Fuerteventura for calmer winds?

The calmest months in Fuerteventura are normally September through to November.


Fuerteventura, renowned for its constant and invigorating wind, stands proudly as the least windy Canary Island. Its mesmerizing landscapes are often painted by the gentle caress of the Fuerteventura wind, which gracefully dances across the island.

According to wind statistics, Fuerteventura boasts an impressive wind statistic, solidifying its reputation as a paradise for wind enthusiasts. Unlike its windier counterparts, this Canary Island offers a balanced blend of tranquility and a refreshing breeze.

Even in October, when the wind tends to be more subdued, Fuerteventura maintains its status as the island with the least windy climate. So whether you’re seeking a serene getaway or an adventure in the windy Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is your ideal destination.

Don’t let the idea of winds prevent you from visiting the island for a holiday. They are not generally a problem; as I stated above, they can be a blessing during the hotter summer months.

You can read my article about the Weather in Fuerteventura for more details.

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  1. Phil Pick avatar
    Phil Pick

    Hi JP, love your YouTube videos and have subscribed you are a fantastic resource for all things Fuerteventura!

    So my wife and I live in Almeria, but it’s so hot in summer… I know we chose it and after much research, but living the dream in the summer heat is not so easy. Fuerteventura therefore seems like a possible paradise.

    So we are looking for something to purchase, probably rent first. What is La Capallenia (Tamaragua) like, the villas on the estate look reasonable. Is it a good area to be looking in do you think? Cheers Phil

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      I will send you an email Phil

  2. David avatar

    Really interesting article. Thank you
    So where would you suggest is the best place to live on the island for least wind?

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      I don’t think it makes that much difference to be honest David. The prevailing wind is from the north-east (the start of the trade winds) so it might be possible to find a small pocket protected by a hill but really you just have to accept it. Sometimes it will be strong and other times almost nothing.

  3. Felipe Capuano Papadimitriu avatar
    Felipe Capuano Papadimitriu

    Hello JP and thank you for this article it is lovely. I’m interested in visiting fuerteventura for 5 weeks or so, and I would really like it to be windy because I’m a windsurfer. If I go in March-April, and I stay for 40 days, how many days should I expect to windsurf? Thanks in advance <3

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      Hi Felipe. I don’t windsurf but I would imagine that you would be able to windsurf every day if you wish. There are very few days when there isn’t a sea breeze.

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