The New Road Finally Opens – Fastest Road in the North

New Road Opens

The New Road Finally Opens – The Fastest Road in the North

A number of subscribers asked if I could publish a trip on the new road, which surprised me. So here it is. Fuerteventura roads are pretty good which makes driving in Fuerteventura a pleasure.

This road was started about 10 years ago but then seemed to stall for a number of years. It became a bit of a local joke as occasionally you might see two men working on it, one with a shovel while the other watched him. Then, about a year ago, they really started working on it properly.

Only the southbound part is open at the moment, so ok for travelling from Corralejo to Rosario, but that is something. It is the first piece of dual carriageway in the north of Fuerteventura and it has a 100kph speed limit – 10kph more than any other road in the north.

They are continuing to work on the section which runs past Tamaragua down to the first roundabout in Corralejo. Hopefully that will open before the year ends.

Having a new piece of road open in most places isn’t such a big deal but here in Fuerteventura we take our pleasures simply 😉

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Fuerteventura – 2016 in 3 minutes

Fuerteventura - 2016 in 3 minutes

Fuerteventura – 2016 in 3 minutes

Fuerteventura – 2016 in 3 minutes – my Fuerteventura 2016 review in a short video. Well actually it didn’t seem to take much longer than 3 minutes to happen in real time but I guess that is what happens when you get older and you are an expat in Fuerteventura.

If you also decide to retire to Fuerteventura perhaps 2017 will pass as quickly for you. In fact, if you retire to Canary Islands anywhere it might be the same.

It was a fairly average year of expat life in many respects. Lots of sunshine, some visitors to stay with us, lots of dog walks (at least 365), eating out and even the occasional visit to the beach.

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Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

Watch out for low flying sharks at the Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016 Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

This was the 29th annual Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016 which takes place every November on the Dunes Beach near Corralejo. As usual there were hundreds of colourful and amusing kites flying above the beach and, of course, the weather was lovely, again as usual. Most of them were large 3D kites.

Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016 Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

I wasn’t intending to go to the kite flying festival this year but it is just too colourful to miss and besides, we had a friend staying who had never seen the huge kites so that was a good excuse. Fortunately I chose to go on the last day, which was Sunday 13th November. The two previous days had been too windy to fly the larger 3D kites which are obviously the most photogenic.

Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016 Fuerteventura Kite Festival 2016

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Corralejo Fuerteventura – What is it like?

Corralejo Fuerteventura

Corralejo – What is it like?

Corralejo is the biggest resort in the north of Fuerteventura. It is located on the north-easy coast. Unlike Caleta de Fuste and Costa Calma, it actually has life apart from tourism, which includes fishing and the port. This is one of its attractions over the other resorts which are rather “false” by comparison.

Corralejo actually means in Spanish “The corral far away”. This is because many years ago it just contained a corral (enclosure) to keep goats in that was “far away” from the capital.

The video below features a walk around Corralejo. It shows the harbour area, the waterfront and the main street to give you an idea of what it is like if you are considering holidaying in Fuerteventura. It is the best of the larger resorts on Fuerteventura in my opinion, particularly if you like some nightlife.

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What does Corralejo have?

There are many bars and restaurants along the Corralejo waterfront and almost all of them have wonderful sea views. They are ideal for sitting and watching the world go by over a coffee or something alcoholic. You can watch the ferries and boats coming and going. You also have great views of the islands of Lobos and Lanzarote in the distance.

The main street, or strip as the Americans would call it, also has many bars and restaurants and is where most of the nightlife is located. There are also many of shops selling clothes, perfume, jewellery and other goods. More shops seem to get added every month lately.

Corralejo Beaches

A few of the Corralejo beaches are featured in the video – those located closest to the main town. It doesn’t show the best beaches which are Flag Beach and the beautiful Dunes beaches which will feature in a future video.

Fuerteventura holidays are very popular, particularly in the winter when the weather is lovely here but awful in northern Europe. Mind you, when isn’t it?

Where to stay in Corralejo

Package holiday deals to Corralejo with up to 100 per person off




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Dance of the Pool Toys – a bit of fun!

Pool Toys

Dance of the Pool Toys

I was working on a video which was taking longer than I expected to edit. I looked out of the window towards the pool and saw the inflatable pool toys moving around in the breeze. That provided the spark of an idea so I set the camera up and started a timelapse. That worked quite well so the other video went on hold while I set up other shots from around the pool. I also mounted the camera on the crocodile for some different angles and some underwater footage.

I then edited it to some music (Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King) and I was quite pleased with the result. What do you think? Please leave comments below.

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One year on Youtube – My Experiences So Far

one year on youtube

One Year on Youtube

One year on Youtube! It is hard to believe that I have been making videos for Youtube for a whole year but life just flies by the older you get, unfortunately.

Overall I have enjoyed it. It is certainly very frustrating at times. Particularly when you have put a lot of time and effort into shooting and editing a video and then very few people watch it.

It has been a big learning curve. I have spent many hours watching other peoples videos which give advice on how to grow on Youtube and how to get Youtube subscribers. The two best being Roberto Blake and Tim Schmoyer.

I will continue with the JPinFuerteventura channel, well for another year at least. It will be interesting to see where the channel is then.

If you haven’t subscribed to the channel then it would be nice if you could take the time to do so.

Talented musicians – Fuerteventura 2016

Fuerteventura 2016

What happened in June – Living in Fuerteventura 2016

This month’s Fuerteventura 2016 blog shows what we got up to living in Fuerteventura in June. It was a relatively quiet month with some lovely weather.

It was Sue’s birthday so we went to El Cotillo to celebrate. After a nice meal, eaten overlooking the sea at the El Roque de Pescadores restaurant we moved on to the Coyote bar, overlooking the old harbour, where we met a number of friends. The music that night was really good and the violin player was a particularly talented musician – watch towards the end of the video to see what I mean.

I had a strange moment in the Coyote bar when an English couple, who were on holiday, came up to me and said “You’re JP aren’t you? We watch all your videos.” I was quite taken aback. Thank you Pete and Karen. Perhaps I have found fame at last? I hope fortune is just around the corner.

It includes:

– Pool wildlife
– Sue’s Birthday (meal in an El Cotillo restaurant followed by a night in the Coyote Bar)
– San Juan bonfire
– an afternoon on a Fuerteventura beach – the El Cotillo lagoons
– Dogs digging in the river beds
– Pool swim


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Battle of the Somme – Fuerteventura Trenches

Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Somme

On 1st July 2016 it was the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, a major battle of the First World War. 20,000 British soldiers died on that day alone.

I found some natural features in the landscape here in the dry river beds near Lajares in Fuerteventura. The first thing that struck me was how much they look like the trenches of the First World War.

My Family in WW1

A number of members of my family were in the army during World War One:

My Grandfather’s parents were both French but died within a few days of each other in an epidemic (Cholera we think) in the 1890s. My grandfather (Henry Danton), and his sister, ended up in a Dr Bernardo’s children’s home. He later lied about his age and joined the regular army as a drummer boy. He went to India with his regiment, becoming the all-army billiards champion twice along the way. In 1915 he ended up in the trenches. We believe he took part in the Battle of the Somme. He died when I was only two.

My Great-Grandfather (who I knew until I was 17) was in service as a chauffeur so became a driver in the army when he joined up as part of Kitchener’s Army. We don’t know where he was during the battle of the Somme, although as a driver, he is unlikely to have been in the front line.

My great Uncle died at the Somme we believe. The only picture I have is with him and my grandmother, together with their other 10 brothers and sisters. It was taken during the war and he has been superimposed in his uniform as he had just been killed when the photo was taken.


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Bonfire Night In Fuerteventura

Bonfire night

I like a good bonfire

On 24th June it was the San Juan Bautista Fiesta here in the Canaries (and much of the rest of the Latin world). The evening before is the night that is celebrated with bonfires. This is the only time we are allowed to have bonfires here in Fuerteventura. At other times fines would be imposed by the police.

I took advantage of this and burnt almost two years’ worth of garden prunings etc. I forgot about this day last year. These took well over an hour to put on the bonfire and it was still smoking 24 hours later. The prunings will now start accumulate again ready for next year. That’ll teach me to buy a rare house with trees.

A favourite quote of mine – “Guy Fawkes was the last person to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

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Rock Pools at the El Cotillo Lagoons

Rock Pools

Exploring the rock pools at the lagoons

We spent a few hours sunbathing and exploring the rock pools in the beautiful El Cotillo lagoon beaches. This was the first time we had been to the beach together for a year, which is pretty sad. We have pledged to go once a week from now on but we will see how that goes (we have said this before).

The lagoons are located north of the village of El Cotillo, on the road to the lighthouse. They also extend along the north shore almost to Corralejo.

There are lots of varied life forms in the rock pools. This time it was mainly various fish and some shrimps. In the past we have seen crabs, sea cucumbers, octopus and sea urchins. Some claim to have seen a sea snake but I don’t know how true that is.

As in other parts of Fuerteventura there are many stone circles that have been built over the years by sunbathers. These provide shelter from the wind and privacy when sunbathing. It is an area frequented by naturists quite often but as with most other beaches on the island, naturists and non-naturists seem to co-exist without any problems..

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