Fuerteventura Vlog August 2016



Fuerteventura Vlog August


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Fuerteventura Vlog August 2016

August was a very hot month here in Fuerteventura with lots of Calimas (hot, dry, dusty winds from the Sahara).

This vlog contains:

  • eating out at Casa Vieja in La Oliva with friends
  • car repairs (just a bit of tlc to the tow bar that was looking a bit rusty)
  • buggy and 4 x 4 safaris which kept interrupting our dog walk at the back of El Roque
  • rescuing a lizard from the pool, which I do most days. It may even be the same lizard every time.
  • sunsets from the garden
  • the Moon, taken using Sue’s Canon SX50 which has a great telephoto lens
  • dogs’ walk over the dry river beds
  • Jenson gets a haircut and we walk round El Cotillo
  • a Hoopoe in the garden
  • El Cotillo night out for a friend’s birthday
  • Was that white thing in the sky a UFO?

Well that was another month of life in Fuerteventura. Retirement in Fuerteventura as an expat is a struggle sometimes but we manage to survive.

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