Fuerteventura Vlog May 2016 – UK Trip



Fuerteventura Vlog May


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Fuerteventura Vlog May 2016

Not much about Fuerte in my Fuerteventura Vlog May as it was rather dominated by our trip back to the UK to attend my son’s wedding in Canterbury. First stop was Somerset to stay with our friends Nick and Sheila in their house in Thorney, on the Somerset Levels. The house was completely flooded in 2014 and has been totally refurbished since then.

Fuerteventura Vlog May
Nick and Sheila’s House
Fuerteventura Vlog May 2016
Nick and Sheila’s Kitchen © Matilda Temperley

Article in The Times

We then went off to Canterbury in preparation for Richard and Louise’s wedding. It all went off really well and I was very proud of him.

Sue looked nice.


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I walked into Canterbury centre in the morning and it turned out that there was a parade of RAF Air Cadets for their 70th anniversary. I was an Air Cadet for 2 weeks but left as there was too much marching and the corporal was a bully.

The wedding was really good and I was very proud of my son.


– Flying to Gatwick
– Walks and lots of tea out in Somerset
– My first pint for two years
– Air Cadets parade
– Salvation Army Band
– Wedding
– Flight back to Fuerteventura

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