Workshop Tour and Clean Up



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Workshop Tour and Clean Up

A quick workshop tour and clean up before I start to fully reorganise and rearrange it. I will do another shop tour once I have finished. I have been wanting to get started on this for many months.

As we have been remodelling the house, the workshop became a dumping ground for kitchen cabinets, doors and appliances, as well as drywall and anything else that needed to be kept dry in case it rained. Consequently it became almost impossible to move in there. Now the kitchen is finished I can get cracking with clearing up and reorganising.

I really need some additional workshop tools, particularly a band saw and a better drill press. I have never seen a band saw for sale here in Fuerteventura and only one drill press, and that was a cheap piece of Chinese rubbish. If I was still living in the UK I could easily buy good, cheap, second-hand examples on Ebay but unfortunately that isn’t possible here.

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