Another Lost Dog To The Dog Pound



Lost Dog


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Lost Dog
Another Stray Dog

Another lost dog we ended up taking to the dog pound

On Friday evening I found another stray dog outside our garden gate, almost getting run over by the traffic. This is the 5th lost dog we have found outside our house in the past 2 years. Every time it has been in the evening just after the vocal vets and the dog pound have closed. We had no option, yet again, but to take her in for the night and take her to the dog shelter the following morning.

She was a lovely dog, well behaved and, as it turned out, house trained too. It soon became obvious that she belonged to a Spanish family as she reacted only to commands in Spanish. Unfortunately she did have a bit of a flea problem so we tried to keep her separate from our dogs. It is unusual to see a female dog here. I have no idea what happens to the female puppies as at least 75% of the dogs you see around are male.

Sue elected to sleep in the guest room with the stray dog on the floor and I slept with our two in our bedroom. It was a pretty sleepless night as every time our dogs heard the other dog in the next room move they were up. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t do mornings. That morning I was sitting outside with the stray dog from 7am waiting for 9am when the dog pound (perrera) opened.

At 8:30 I decided to walk there with her as it is only a kilometre away. We got there just as the wonderful volunteers of Fuerteventura Dog Rescue were arriving to walk the strays in there, clean their cages, feed and water them. We checked the dog for a microchip but, no real surprise, she didn’t have one. She was put in a cage and I left, feeling guilty as I always do.

Some Good News

Fortunately a couple of hours later we were informed that her owners had been there looking for her.  They had seen her picture posted on Facebook. The owner was “forced” to have her microchipped and given a Rabies injection which is good news.

So it all ended well in the end.

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