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Do I get homesick? This time I talk about whether or not I get homesick living in the Canary Islands.

I can understand some people suffering from homesickness, of course. However, I cannot say it is something that effects me since retiring to Fuerteventura.

Firstly, it is largely a mindset. Fuerteventura is my home now and not the UK. If I always thought of the UK as home then suffering from homesickness living in Fuerteventura is perhaps inevitable.

These days there are lots of ways of dealing with homesickness that weren’t available 20 years or so ago. You can email, text, send videos, talk on the telephone or you can Skype (for nothing) and actually see the other person. Also, flights are relatively cheap these days so it is much easier to make visits home or for friends and family to visit you.

In some ways I feel envious of people who can feel homesick because they have an area of the UK that they consider home. I grew up on the outskirts of London, in Hayes. Since I was at school the entire area has changed beyond recognition due to mass immigration. This is mainly from the Indian sub-continent. Almost all of the friends I knew from school and all of my relatives have moved away. I have worked with numerous people who grew up in small provincial towns in the north of England. When they return to that town for a visit, even years after they left, they frequently bump into people they know. Mostly things haven’t changed so it does still feel like “home” to them. Unfortunately I will never feel like that. Anyone who believes that mass immigration into an area and the ridiculously named “diversity” are a good thing doesn’t come from an area affected by this.

Perhaps all of this is a good thing as it has made retirement to the Canary Islands an easier process.

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