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Corralejo Beaches | Best Beaches in Fuerteventura | Corralejo Dunes Beach

Corralejo has many beautiful beaches, due to the magnificent sand dunes that stretch to the south. They all have lovely soft white sand, warm water to swim in and are mostly completely natural and undeveloped.

They range from busy town beaches to watersports beaches to quiet secluded beaches to naturist beaches. Somewhere for everyone to find what they are looking for.

We start at the tour in the south at Glass Beach (Moro Playa) then travel north to Burro Beach. After that there are the sand dunes themselves which extend right down to the dunes beaches, known as the Grandes Playas. These are the beaches most frequented by nudists, although most of the beaches are naturist in places.

Corralejo beaches
Glass Beach with the Riu hotels in the background

We then travel to the beaches by the two Riu hotels (Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas and Clubhotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort) which has a few beach bars. The other side of the hotels is Flag Beach which is the centre for watersports. This is a very popular beach and has sunbeds and umbrellas to hire, if that is your thing.

I also show the Corralejo town beaches briefly but these are covered in greater detail in my other video about Corralejo – watch Corralejo video here

You couldn’t make a list of the best beaches in Fuerteventura without including the Corralejo Dunes beaches.

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4 responses to “Corralejo Beaches | Best Beaches in Fuerteventura”

  1. Keith Webb avatar
    Keith Webb

    Hi JP,
    I’m looking at getting out of the UK for the winter, not sure exactly of timings yet but January through to May, and maybe early December. I’ve watched a few of your videos and have now subscribed on utube.
    Im not a tight budget and thinking about cheap rooms or camping.
    I’ll probably won’t have transport so will be using buses or walking. I have been to fueteventura several times many years ago.
    I basically want to spend my time on a naturist beach without worrying about covering up every time someone walks by.
    I usually go to boa Vista on cape verde but it’s much more expensive to fly there, the beaches are superb but naturism is minimal.
    Any information on climate and sea/beach conditions (ie.wind factor, sandblasting, sand, shale) would be great.
    Thanks Keith.

    1. admin avatar

      There are no camp sites here and camping on/by the beaches is illegal (although occasionally people do do it for a short while). The cheapest rooms I suspect would be in some of the surf accommodation places in Corralejo etc. There are plenty of naturist areas on the beaches in Corralejo and El Cotillo. During the winter you are likely to experience some rain and the temperatures will naturally be lower although still warm during the day and probably no lower than 10C at night. The beaches are pretty much lovely sand everywhere.

  2. Fred avatar

    I want a decent hotel near quiet nudist beach(es). I don’t want to climb down/up lots of steps.

    I will have no car so access to buses would be helpful.


    1. admin avatar

      Either the two RIU hotels right on the beach (Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas and ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort) or the naturist hotel at the other end (walkable into town) – Gran Hotel Natura Naturist

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