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Most airlines that fly to Fuerteventura are budget or charter airlines which often tend to have strict hand luggage allowance rules.

Some airlines that fly to Fuerteventura restrict you on size but do not have a weight limit (Easyjet for example) while others restrict both the size and the weight of the hand luggage you can take on board.

So it is important to know the rules ahead of time as a mistake can be very costly if your hand luggage has to go in the hold because it is too large or heavy. If this happens these will generally be charged as excess baggage and these charges are at best a rip-off and at worst extortionate.

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Easyjet hand luggage policy

Easyjet hand luggage policy

Easyjet standard allowance

Only one cabin bag is allowed per person. This can be a maximum size of 56x45x25cm, which includes the handles and the wheels, or anything else that protrudes. There is however no weight limit so provided you can carry it then it can be as heavy as you want.

A duty free bag is also allowed.

Upfront, Extra Legroom, Flexi passengers and Easyjet Plus cardholders

Any passengers who have paid for any of the above extras can also bring an additional under seat bag, such as a laptop bag or a handbag in addition to the standard hand luggage. This bag can be a maximum of 45x36x20cm in size.

Check out the official Easyjet cabin bag page

Easyjet Cabin Bags Explained

Ryanair hand luggage allowance

Ryanair always seem to be changing their hand luggage rules – whatever they can do to squeeze another few pounds out of you seems to be their main objective.

Ryanair standard allowance

All passengers can take one small bag on board, which cannot be larger than 40x25x20cm, a handbag, a laptop bag or a small backpack. There doesn’t appear to be a weight limit for this bag, but being small, you are unlikely to be able to carry anything too heavy in it. A duty free bag is also allowed.

Priority and 2 cabin bags

Paying the additional fee for this not only allows you to board the flight near the front of the queue but also, in addition to a small bag (see above) you can also carry on a bag weighing up to 10kg as long as it is no larger than 55x40x20cm.

Larger cabin bags

If you try to take hand luggage larger than the dimensions above onto the flight they will be refused at the boarding gate. If there is space they may be placed in the aircraft’s hold but this will cost an additional €/£50!

Check out the official Ryanair cabin bag page

Ryanair’s Bag Policy Explained

Jet2 hand luggage policy

Jet2 has a rather simpler hand luggage policy than many airlines. Every passenger can take one bag on board if it weighs no more than 10kg and is not larger than 56x45x25cm. Pretty straightforward really.

Check out the official Jet2 cabin bag allowance page

TUI hand luggage allowance

On TUI Airways flights, every passenger may carry one piece of hand luggage up to 10kg without charge. The maximum dimensions the hand luggage can be is 55x40x20cm. TUI say you must be able to lift your hand luggage into the overhead storage compartments yourself. Additional items such as laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your one piece of hand luggage and not be carried separately.

Check out the official TUI cabin bag page

Iberia hand baggage allowance

Iberia operate scheduled flights to Fuerteventura from the UK via Madrid.

Passengers in both economy and business class can take two bags on board.

  • One small piece of hand luggage (handbag, laptop bag, briefcase) which must be placed under the seat in front and must be no larger than 40x30x15cm.
  • One cabin bag that cannot exceed 56x45x25cm must be placed in the overhead locker. There is no weight restriction.
  • If you are travelling with a baby then Iberia also allow you to take a bag for their food, drink and other baby items needed for the flight.

Check out the official Iberia hand baggage page

Summary of cabin bag allowances

Easyjet56x45x25cm No restriction
55x40x20cm (priority only)

10kg (priority)
No restriction

Recommended cabin bags

These bags conform to the size limits of all the airlines above so if you buy one you can be confident not to have any problems, no matter who you fly with.

Aerolite Expandable Wheeled Cabin Luggage

Aerolite Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Delta United Southwest Carryon Suitcase, New Purple, Cabin,

This bag not only fits the maximum allowed baggage width of 20cm for Ryanair and TUI but, very cleverly, also has a zip which, when unzipped, allows the bag to expand to a width of 23cm which is the maximum allowed for the other airlines.

It has two front zipped pockets, ideal for your travel documents, passport etc.

It comes with a 10 year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.

You can buy the Aerolite Expandable Wheeled Cabin Bag on Amazon.

VMIKIV Designed for Easyjet 

VMIKIV Designed for Easyjet Cabin Bag 45x36x20 for New Easyjet Underseat Bag Carry-Ons Hand Luggage Bag Womens Travel Backpack Cabin Size Mens Flight Bag Rucksack for Hiking

As it has no wheels to take up unnecessary space the backpack can carry a huge 44 litres so it is ideal if you are travelling to Fuerteventura for a short break with carry on baggage only.

Unlike some bags, which are quite heavy so they eat into your weight allowance, this bag weighs only 0.7kg. It comes in a wide range of colours.

It has three zipped compartments for carrying your travel documents, passport etc. The carry straps are fully adjustable.

You can buy the Cabin Max Backpack on Amazon.

Beating the airlines at their own game!

hand luggage to fuerteventura
My laptop disappearing into my coat

Don’t forget that although your bags may be restricted you can carry things in your pockets too.

I regularly used to fly on Ryanair with my 17″ laptop that was both heavy and too bulky to go in my cabin bag. I have a coat with a zipped lining/pocket at the back so I used to slide it in there and wear it.

When I went back to the UK for a trip recently I flew there with hand luggage only but booked a hold bag to come back with (which was full of Christmas things). So I took a large, soft bag with me, which I stuffed into the back of this coat. It worked a treat.

Things you aren’t allowed in your hand luggage

Don’t forget that you cannot take certain items in your hand luggage and are restricted with other things.

  • You cannot take any liquids in containers larger than 3.4oz/100ml and these must fit into one quart sized clear resealable plastic bag. Liquids include things like toothpaste, suntan cream, gels and other items.
  • You cannot carry sharp objects such as most knives, large scissors, razors with removable safety blades
  • Large capacity power packs/batteries

For a more detailed list you can read my article on my other website 31 things that are not allowed in carry on


When traveling to Fuerteventura Airport, knowing the regulations regarding liquids in hand luggage is essential. Many passengers often wonder how strict TUI is on hand luggage size and if they have any specific restrictions.

Similarly, individuals inquire about which airlines fly to Fuerteventura and their policies on hand luggage liquids, particularly Jet2. Jet2, like other airlines, have a list of prohibited items in hand luggage, including liquids that exceed the designated limit.

It’s important to note that EasyJet also has restrictions on certain items in hand luggage. Passengers flying with Jet2 must be mindful of the restricted items, ensuring razors and other prohibited items are not included in their hand luggage.

This also applies to EasyJet; passengers often inquire whether they can take razors in their hand luggage. Ryanair, another popular airline flying to Fuerteventura, enforces a liquid limit in English for hand luggage.

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