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Internet Access in Fuerteventura

It isn’t that often I find something negative to say about living here but the internet access in Fuerteventura is an exception.

Internet access in fuerteventura

I needed to upload my next video to Youtube last night. After compressing the file to be as small as possible it ended up as a 400Mb file. I started the upload to Youtube and it said it would take 6 hours. I left it to run and then, 4 hours later, I checked it. It had uploaded only 12% and it said it would take another 20 hours to finish uploading! I have had to stop it and need to think again. There must be a way to get a faster service.

In the UK I would be getting around 200mbs download and at least 20mbs upload speeds. Here, for much more than I would be paying in the UK, I get around 4.5 to 5.5mbs download and 0.15mbs upload speeds. It is positively stone age. In fact, I think Fred Flintstone got better speeds than that in Bedrock.

Oh for fast internet access again. Is that too much to ask for in this day and age? Wake up Fuerteventura – this is the 21st century.

Update on internet access in Fuerteventura

May 2018: Miracles may, just possibly, happen. We are on a waiting list to have fibre optic internet installed. We will have 50mbps initially at a cost of 39.95€ per month and can increase that to 300mbps afterwards for an additional 5€ per month.

I have heard there is a delay (so no surprise there then) and I will believe it when I see it quite frankly. If it is then I will have to eat my words that we will get fibre optic internet access in Fuerteventura when Hell freezes over!

We get our internet via Europa Network.

Using Mobile Data

If you are here on holiday you should be able to use your UK/German mobile Data for no extra charge due to the EU regulations. 4G is available in all the main areas.
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19 thoughts on “Internet Access in Fuerteventura

  1. Nicki

    Hi JP
    I have been living in Fuerteventura for 6 months now and am having the same issue. It doesn’t help that I live in Villeverde, and our only option was to get a 3G wifi installed with Movistar.
    The download is fine but I am trying to upload a 2.6GB video to Vimeo for my work, and it is saying 8 hours! This is as small as I can compress it.
    Did you manage to get any better results? Or do you know of anywhere on the island ( North if possible) where you can go to use their internet for uploading?
    I know there is a shared office space in Corralejo, but their internet is even worse!
    Thanks for your help

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Nicki, I am surprised it uploaded that quickly to be honest. I uploaded a 272Mb video last night which took 1.5 hours using telephone internet. At that rate your 2.6Gb file would have taken 12 hours. I assume that you are too far from the telephone system to get a landline, I know a number in Villeverde with that problem. I will ask them what the best internet solution they have found is. I am not aware of anywhere that you can pay to upload that is quick. If there is then it would have to be in Puerto as that is the only place where fibre optics exist.

  2. Brian James

    Dear JP

    First of all thank you very much for your great video’s which we watched before we spent a week on hols from 21 Jan. We stayed in TUI Magic Life just off the FV2 way down south and we had 39mbs download one night over wifi in our room. It became very unpredictable but was always above 10mbs download which is the best speed I have ever had in any hotel outside the UK. Obviously they are a big business but even in the UK speeds do drop off the more remote areas. As a side note we hired a car all week and explored some of the places you suggested and we are keen to come back.


    1. admin Post author

      You are making me cry Brian. I am not sure how they achieve that as I believe the only places where fibre optic cables exist is in Puerto del Rosario. I guess they must pay a fortune for some kind of special link. We not only experience slow download, and criminally slow upload speeds here in La Oliva but also for 3 months we lose the internet all together, sometimes 7-8 times in an hour. We lost it to 3 minutes of so 5 times during the England v France rugby today which didn’t please me one bit. 3 months and our ISP still haven’t solved the problem and I am beginning to believe they never will. The problem is there is no real competition here. Ho hum. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and the videos. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Laurence Swain

    Can anyone reccommend an internet service thats reliable in Tiscamanita (I know it’s in the sticks!) that does not rely on a landline phone connection?

    I’m moving out permanently next week and need to sort a service out. I’m looking for a service that I can stream youtube or similar on (I know… Don’t laugh). I’m not interested in UK TV services or being forced to have a land line installed unless it is a must to get a reliable bandwith of 10 mbs+ download speed. Not to fussed on upload speeds as long as I can upload small stuff quickly if I need to.

    All advice will be most helpful.

    kind regards


    1. admin Post author

      You will be lucky to get anything like 10mbps. I have a landline, and am not in a remote area, and all I get is 8mbps at best and I only get 0.3mbps upload! I suggest that you post this question on one of the Facebook groups such as “Fuerteventura Forum Group” and “Fuerteventura we love you”. Good luck with the move.

  4. Doug

    Hi JP, I’m planning to head to El Cotillo later in the year to surf for a couple of weeks, but will be needing a solid internet connection as it will still be a working week and I can’t afford any issues. Do you know if that’s one of the good or bad areas in the island, and in 2017 can I still expect upload speeds <1mbps?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Doug. Upload speeds greater than 1mbps are pretty much a pipe dream here. I currently get 0.2mbps via broadband on a good day! El Cotillo is no better or worse than most other parts of the island but speeds of 7-8mbps download and perhaps 0.5mbps upload would probably be the best via a landline. You may get better upload speeds via a mobile connection if you can get 4G where you will be staying. I have started tethering my mobile to my pc to upload my videos as I get around 0.75mbps using 3g.

  5. J T.

    Hi I am going to winter in Fuerterventura at Casilla de Costa near Villerverde. I do not need super BB but just need to email, FaceTime, Skype, and stream the odd tv program with Rocu. I have no idea which system to go for so any advice would help. In the UK I use wifi through the telephone , is this available and if so cost effective.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi. Have they put phone lines into Casillo de Costa? Phone lines are like gold dust here with a waiting list in many places. Your best option might be to have a mobile data router, either with a Spanish provider or, if you have a UK phone with a large data allowance you may be able to use that as under the new EU wide mobile data rules I think you can use 15Gb per month free. There are a few wifi only providers, which is available in Tamaragua, but I doubt that would reach you. Are there many properties sold in the development? If not, you could be in for a pretty lonely winter.

  6. Mike reid

    What a nightmare trying to get WiFi! Orange 4g is limited to 50mb a month, Movistar will not give you 4g if there’s a landline in your area! I have orange adsl at the moment but it is down. Went to the store in caleta and the girl would not help. Said I had to try 1470, explained that the landline was also down. Would not budge. Returned after trying the1470 number and she contacted customer services. They would not help because I do not have a Spanish mobile! Now paying for no service and no help. Will be cancelling the adsl in the morning, but do not know what else to do.
    Customer service is nonexistent on this island!
    Any help would be appreciated

    1. admin Post author

      I wish I could offer some help Mike. Unfortunately that is how it is here. I know someone how moved here at the end of November and signed up for Movistar adsl. Two months later she still hasn’t got it so she told them she wanted to cancel but has been told she can’t cancel! Even though after 2 months they have given her nothing. She has managed to get a Vodaphone router though – but with the 50Gb limit of course.

  7. Cat

    Hi JP, any idea if conf calls on Skype / or other systems ( such as webex) are impacted by the poor internet speed in fuerteventura? We will be staying in el cotillo and need to work during this time, we’ll have a Movistar wifi connection. Thanks much!

  8. Bartek

    Hi. If the miracle has happened? Does in Fuerteventura fiber appear? I wish to spend few months in El Cotillo but need to work online as well. Is there any chance for the 21th century?

    1. admin Post author

      It is in certain parts of the capital, Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo and a few other places. We were promised it by May last year but nothing so far!

  9. Tommi

    JP, first of all. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge about Fuerteventura. I’ve been searching with a kind of blurry success a good internet provider due the fact we are leaving the gloomy weather from the nordics for a sunnier and warmer place. After checking your video blog we decided to try Fuerteventura and La Oliva fits the requirements, specifically Villa Verde. By any chance do you know what’s the situation over there? Thanks in advance for your imput.

    1. admin Post author

      Things are slowly improving. Although I am still waiting for the promised fibre optic internet, our standard broadband is at least much more stable than it was a few years ago. There are at least some other options now. You can get a 4G router with unlimited data now which is significantly faster than standard broadband. You would be likely to get a good 4G signal in Villaverde too as it is relatively high up.

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