Shattered Dreams – Villa Charlotte, Aguas Verdes, Fuerteventura

  • Last Updated: January 21, 2023

Villa Charlotte

This villa is a very sad sight and represents a family’s shattered dreams. It is in a wonderful position with amazing coastal views but that may have been its downfall. It was lived in, and probably built by, an English family, possibly from the Liverpool area. It may be that, although they had planning permission to build the villa initially, the planning permission was subsequently taken away.

Unfortunately this happens here when different mayors or other politicians are elected and they change decisions that their predecessors have made.

Villa Charlotte Aguas Verdes

When it was first abandoned it was virtually complete but over the past few years it has been looted, the windows have been stolen and it has fallen further into disrepair. There are still signs of the family that lived there, particularly some of the children’s books and toys, which makes it all the more sad to see.

There are two more villas next door. One was almost completed (Villa Sean) but the other one only reached the shell stage.

Villa Charlotte Aguas Verdes

If anyone knows any of the history of Villa Charlotte please either leave a comment or send me a message.

UPDATE: The grandchildren of the person who owned the villa sent me this information:

“This is my grandmother’s villa. It was broken into and ransacked whilst she was in England. My grandmother has since tried to sell the properties and the surrounding land but it has fallen into further disrepair and due to being abandoned it was broken into and ransacked further, leaving it an empty shell. With investment it could be a great again.”

Villa Charlotte Video

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    1. Hi Liam,

      Sad story!!
      We love this location, if this property is for sale please contact us.

      Best regards

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