Fuerteventura Weather – Calima and dirty rain




Fuerteventura Weather – Calima and dirty rain

In the middle of July we had a Calima, which isn’t unusual, but then we also had a thunderstorm. Because there was so much dust in the air, due to the Calima, once the rain dried it left dust stuck to everything.

It took days to clean the terraces, windows and then the swimming pool. In fact, I had to clean the pool on the waste setting. This was because the dust was so fine that the filters could not cope with it. By cleaning on the waste setting all the dust and water sucked up from the bottom goes straight out into the front garden, rather than being recycled through the filter. It took 4 hours to top the pool up afterwards.

What is a Calima?

A Calima is a wind that blows from the Sahara Desert in the east towards the Canary Islands. Generally it brings very hot weather and lots of dust. It has been known to bring a plague of locusts a few years ago.

It is very rare for us to get rain in Fuerteventura at this time of year but at least it is good for the garden and the wildlife. Fortunately the Canary Islands weather is 99% good year round with just the occasional blip.

NOTE: It is now early August and we have another Calima but it is hotter than before. Hopefully we will not get any rain to go with it.

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