Corralejo Carnival 2017 – Carnaval de Corralejo 2017




On 18th March the annual parade of the Corralejo Carnival 2017 took place. It started about 7pm and continued until quite late, as most things tend to here.

Corralejo Carnival 2017

This is quite a large affair and takes probably 2 hours or more to pass by. Many people that go to watch also dress up even if they are not in the parade. This year’s theme was medical and science.

The Corralejo Carnival starts at the top of the main strip and runs all the way down to the Shell petrol station. It then turns left and goes up the hill and finishes behind the bus station.

My favourite in the whole night was the giant spider! A dog in fancy dress.

Corralejo Carnival 2017
Giant Spider

Everyone seem to have lots of fun at these events and the party continued at the end of the parade until 4am. It was lucky that the weather was ok as the north of Fuerteventura had heavy rain and hailstones that afternoon.

Corralejo Carnival
Star Wars at the Corralejo Carnival

I remember equally big parades when I was a child growing up in Hayes, West London but that seems to be a thing of the past. I think it still takes place but is tiny by comparison these days.

Watch the video in Youtube

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