Fuerteventura Surf Spots – Corralejo




Fuerteventura Surf Spots

Fuerteventura Surf Spots – Corralejo

I braved the elements and risked life and limb to capture the surfers surfing in Corralejo. OK, the truth is I sat comfortably on a bench and videoed because they were so close. I know nothing about surfing, other than having watched them for many years, but the waves in the Bristol Playa area of Corralejo seem to be one of the particularly good Fuerteventura surf spots.

It was a pleasant afternoon so I spent an hour filming this surfing video and watching the ferries come and go to Lanzarote.

I do admire the surfers and wonder how they survive in the waves sometimes.

I don’t surf for a number of reasons:

  • I am too old now I suppose (unfortunately)
  • The sea is cold (well 22°C) – I don’t do cold
  • The sea is wet – I don’t do wet
  • The sea is dangerous – I do do dangerous but not when I don’t feel I have control

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