Finding the long, lost, source of the Tababaire



Source of the Tababaire


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Intrepid and dangerous expedition to find the long, lost, source of the Tababaire, Fuerteventura. Definitely off the beaten track.

I endeavour to bring new and unusual things in Fuerteventura to this channel, despite the very real personal danger to life and limb. So, in the true spirit of Dr Livingstone himself, I went in search of the fabled source of the Tababaire.

It is somewhere most people who have lived here for years and know the island well have rarely been to and is quite an interesting little trip. Despite my attempts to show otherwise, it isn’t as daunting a drive as it seems and it can easily be done in a standard car. The views of the north of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are quite spectacular.

To get there head out on the main FV-10 La Oliva to Puerto del Rosario road and just after the right turn to Tindaya take the next left to Vallebrón. Follow that up the hill and into the valley. When you get to the village take the first left and then left again. Follow that road out of the valley. It will become a track but just keep going until you come to a fork. Left takes you to the tv relay station and right takes you on the track to the source of the Tababiare. Be brave, it really isn’t as bad as it looks.

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