Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura: A Guide to Your Canarian Getaway




Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, also known as El Castillo or Costa Caleta, is conveniently close to Fuerteventura’s airport and offers a blend of relaxation and adventure. With its safe sandy beaches and array of water sports, it’s perfect for both leisure and thrill-seekers.

The resort’s infrastructure is designed for an effortless holiday experience, providing a diverse range of leisure, dining, and accommodation options.

We will be going over:

  1. What makes Caleta de Fuste a unique and attractive destination for tourists?
  2. What are the must-visit attractions and activities in Caleta de Fuste for families, history enthusiasts, and adventure seekers?
  3. How does Caleta de Fuste cater to different accommodation preferences and provide convenient transportation options for visitors?

Let’s explore Caleta de Fuste and uncover the delights that await you in this popular desctination!

Caleta from the top of Chipmunk Mountain
Caleta de Fuste from the top of Chipmunk Mountain

Key Takeaways

  • Caleta de Fuste offers a mix of beach relaxation and water sports.
  • The resort has diverse activities, including golfing, historical sites, and shopping.
  • It provides convenient transport and a wide choice of accommodation.

What is Caleta de Fuste like?

If you want to know “Is Caleta de Fuste nice?” you have come to the right place. Of course, what some think is nice, others don’t – but tens of thousands of people come back to Caleta year after year, so obviously, they think it is nice.

In Caleta de Fuste, you’ll encounter safe, largely man-made beaches, unique local attractions, and a touch of historical significance that enriches your visit. Each element adds to a well-rounded experience.

These are some of the pros and cons of Caleta de Fuste (my opinion, obviously):


  • Good for families
  • A wide variety of accommodation is available
  • A short journey from the airport
  • Centrally placed on the island for sightseeing


  • Much of the seafront is dominated by the large hotels
  • There are three separate centres with shops, bars and restaurants
  • Beaches are man-made
  • Very British

Caleta de Fuste Beaches

Caleta de fuste beach

El Castillo and La Guirra Beach offer you a chance to indulge in the sun-soaked shores of Caleta de Fuste. El Castillo, also known as Great Beach, is popular for its golden sands and calm waters, making it suitable for family outings.

For a stroll or a spot of sunbathing, La Guirra Beach is the perfect place, providing a quieter setting with picturesque views.

The beaches are man-made but are safe for children.

Historical Significance

The Torre de San Buenaventura, a well-preserved defensive tower, is a historical reminder of the island’s need to protect itself from pirates. This monument allows you to step back in time and grasp the strategic importance of Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura’s history.

Until around 1980, the tower was almost the only building here. Since then, the resort has grown up around it.

I first stayed in Caleta in 1987 when there was very little here apart from a hotel, the marina, a small shopping square, and a few bungalows. You can see what it was like in my video – Caleta de Fuste in 1987.

Caleta de fuste marina
Caleta de Fuste Marina

Things to Do in Caleta De Fuste

In Caleta de Fuste, you’ll find an array of activities that capitalise on the coastline’s natural beauty and carefully crafted leisure facilities.

Whether you’re looking to ride the waves, swing a golf club on a sun-bathed course, or share a day of joy with your family, there’s no shortage of entertainment.

Local Attractions

Salinas del Carmen is a must-visit spot. You can explore the salt museum and understand the traditional salt extraction process that has been part of the island’s heritage. It is just a mile south of Caleta and an easy walk along the coastal path. There is a nice fish restaurant there – Los Caracolitos Restaurant.


If you fancy getting your feet wet, Caleta de Fuste does not disappoint. The resort town is notably primed for your diving and surfing pursuits with schools that cater to varying skill levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Diving: Explore underwater volcanic landscapes and marine life at nearby diving sites. You can try scuba diving with this Scuba Diving Baptism course.
  • Surfing & Windsurfing: You can catch impressive waves with excellent wind conditions. Beginner surfers are welcome, with lessons readily available in the sheltered bay.
  • Snorkelling: There are some great spots to snorkel along the coast.


For those who prefer greens to blues, Caleta de Fuste offers top-notch golfing experiences:

  • Fuerteventura Golf Club: Take a swing at the prestigious 18-hole championship course, known for hosting the Spanish Open in 2004.
  • Golf Club Salinas de Antigua: This is next to the Fuerteventura golf course and is open to the public.
  • Crazy Golf: For the less serious golfers, there is a crazy golf course near the beach.

Family Fun

Entertainment for children and the whole family is abundant in Caleta de Fuste:

  • Buggy Tours: An adventurous way to explore the island’s terrain with family-friendly guided excursions. See more details.
  • Water Activities: Engage in family-centric fun with various water activities available, from paddle boating to snorkelling. There is a floating water fun attraction by the harbour.
  • Oasis Park Zoo: This is a great day out for the whole family. I do not like zoos usually, but this was one of the nicest I have been to, within beautiful grounds. It is about 30 minutes south, but there is a free bus from Caleta to the zoo. Buy entry tickets here.
  • Catamaran Trip: You can take sail on a Catamaran from the harbour. More details here.
  • Sealion Show: There is a sea lion show in the marina (sadly), and you can even swim with them.
  • Oceanarium Explorer: this is similar to a glass-bottom boat, so you can see everything underwater on the trip. Find out more here.

Shopping and Dining

In Caleta de Fuste, you can access a pleasant mix of retail hubs and dining venues that cater to various preferences, whether after local boutique offerings or international cuisine.

Shops in Caleta de Fuste

Atlántico Shopping Centre is a standout destination when it comes to shopping. It’s a modern complex housing over 50 shops where you can explore everything from designer brands to electronics.

If you prefer a more local shopping experience, the town has many local shops and markets offering unique items and souvenirs. The center’s supermarkets provide a wide range of products for everyday essentials, including dietary-specific options.

  • Shopping Opportunities:
    • Designer clothing
    • Electronics
    • Home goods
    • Local crafts and souvenirs
  • Key Retail Venues:
    • Atlántico Shopping Centre
    • Local markets
    • Specialty local shops
    • Supermarkets for daily needs

Restaurants and Bars in Caleta de Fuste

Pieros Bars
Pieros Music Bar

Your dining experience in Caleta de Fuste can be as varied as the shops you visit. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Canary Island grills, like those at the acclaimed Fado Rock Restaurant (a favourite of mine), or looking for vegan and gluten-free options, you’re well-catered for.

The area boasts various restaurants and bars, each providing a quality dining experience with local and international flavours.

  • Dining Choices:
    • Traditional Canary Island grills
    • International cuisine
    • Vegan and gluten-free options
  • Notable Restaurants:
    • Fado Rock Restaurant
    • Vegan-friendly eateries
    • Casual bars for light bites
    • Beachfront dining for a scenic experience
    • There is one of the few McDonalds on the island here too
  • Caleta de Fuste Bars:
    • Pieros Music Cafe
    • The Dog and Duck Pub
    • Legends Bar
    • Many others
Caleta de fuste bars
Some of the cheaper bars

If you like a flutter, a casino is attached to the Elba Carlota Beach Hotel.

Caleta De Fuste Casino
Elba Carlota Beach Hotel Casino

Where to Stay in Caleta de Fuste

When considering where to stay in Caleta de Fuste, you’ll find an array of hotels, villas, and resorts to suit your preferences.

Different types of accommodation cater to families with amenities tailored for children and options that offer a more luxurious experience with all-inclusive packages. Prices can fluctuate depending on the season, so booking in advance is advisable, especially if you’re visiting during peak travel times.

You can book some great value packages to Caleta with Easyjet – check here


Caleta de Fuste Hotels
Hotel Elba Carlota

Hotels range from budget-friendly to four-star establishments, with many offering all-inclusive, free Wi-Fi and on-site dining. Some resort-style hotels typically provide broader amenities, such as spas, pools, and activities, aimed at an all-encompassing holiday experience. These are a few popular hotels.


These are generally small complexes of bungalows and apartments with pools. Some have restaurants and bars too.

Villas and Apartments

These are ideal for those seeking a more private or long-term stay, with some located conveniently close to golf courses or with sea views.

Transport – Getting Around

Upon arrival at Fuerteventura Airport, which is only 4 miles from Caleta de Fuste, you have multiple options to reach your destination and to explore the surroundings.

  • Car Rental: Available at the airport and within Caleta de Fuste, allowing you to discover the island at your own pace. Read my advice on hiring cars and my tips for driving in Fuerteventura.
  • Shuttle Service: I recommend Shuttle Spain
  • Bus Services: A cost-effective and reliable way to travel, with routes connecting Caleta de Fuste to other parts of the island, including the airport. They are cheap and reliable.
  • Taxi: A convenient, though more costly, mode of transport for shorter distances or if you prefer not to wait for a bus.

Remember to check local schedules for bus services, as frequency may vary. Driving on the island is relatively straightforward, with well-maintained roads and clear signage.

Caleta Train

A little land train travels around the resort all day, which is very convenient, particularly for anyone with limited mobility. Kids also love riding on the train.

Caleta train
The little train that you can use to get around Caleta

Caleta de Fuste Video Tour

In this video, I show the main areas of Caleta de Fuste, including the marina, the beaches, shops, restaurants, bars, some hotels, and golf courses. I also talk a bit about what Costa Caleta was like in 1987 when I first stayed there.

To find out more information on Caleta de Fuste please click on the link to visit this very informative website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Caleta de Fuste confidently as we address the most frequent queries, guiding you through attractions, dining experiences, accommodations, beach recommendations, and nightlife activities with practical travel tips from the airport.

Where is Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura?

Caleta de Fuste is located roughly halfway down the island of Fuerteventura on the east coast. It is just 4 miles from the airport.

What to do in Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura?

Your visit won’t be complete without exploring the local landmarks. The marina is a bustling hub that offers boat trips and water sports, while the Oceanarium Explorer provides a chance to interact with sea life.

What kind of accommodation options are available in Caleta de Fuste?

Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a self-catering apartment, Caleta de Fuste has options to suit every budget. Many accommodations are conveniently located near the beach and main attractions.

The town comes alive at night with a selection of bars and nightclubs. Enjoy live music or a cocktail at one of the seafront venues overlooking the ocean for a more relaxed evening.

How far is Caleta de Fuste from Fuerteventura Airport?

Caleta de Fuste is only 4-5 miles from the airport. You can catch a public bus for a direct route, with services running frequently throughout the day at an affordable fare. When you arrive with your luggage, it is probably best to catch a taxi which will drop you right outside your accommodation.

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