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There are mile upon mile of beautiful sandy beaches in Fuerteventura dotted all around the coast. It was the beaches that pulled me here in the first place and I have ended up living here.

Fuerteventura really is a beach lovers’ paradise. When it comes to choosing the best beaches in Fuerteventura you are so spoiled for choice that it is hard to actually choose. There are very few bad beaches in Fuerteventura and such a variety that there is one to suit everyone’s taste.

Best beaches in Fuerteventura
Flag Beach, Corralejo

Whether you like busy beaches with amenities or a secluded completely natural beach, perhaps to yourself, then Fuerteventura is the place to head to. Holidays in Fuerteventura are all about sun, sand and sea, so are perfect for a relaxed away from it all holiday.

I think they are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, if not the best, and they are certainly the best in the Canary Islands. Islands such as Lanzarote can’t even come close.

My Favourite Beaches in Fuerteventura

These are just my personal favourite best beaches in Fuerteventura, not that there aren’t some other lovely beaches in Fuerteventura. I have chosen these as not only are they beautiful but they are easily reached by car or public transport.

El Cotillo Beaches

El Cotillo is on the north-west coast and is about a 25 minute drive from Corralejo (or a 40 minute bus ride on the number 8 bus).

El Cotillo Beaches
La Concha Beach at sunset

The beaches of El Cotillo include the lovely lagoons to the north of the village and the more rugged beaches to the south. The lagoons have calm safe water to swim in and lots of little beaches and areas to sunbath in.

The only beach bar in El Cotillo is located on Playa de la Concha which is the largest of the lagoon beaches.

The beaches south of the village are popular with surfers and kite surfers.

Read my dedicated blog post about these beaches – The beaches of El Cotillo.

Piedra Playa, El Cotillo beach
Piedra Playa, El Cotillo (Also known as the Surfer’s Beach”)

Corralejo Beaches

These beaches run along the beautiful sand dunes national park for a number of miles and include soft white sand and clear waters. All can be walked to from Corralejo town (a fair walk), alternatively get the Puerto del Rosario bus and get off at the two hotels or you can park a car at a convenient point on the road.

There are beach bars near the two hotels as well as sun loungers etc if that is your thing. As you progress further towards where the dunes meet the sea it becomes completely uncommercialised. This is the area you are most likely to come across naturists, although not only in this area.

There is another small beach bar the other side of the dunes area near the first beach by the road.

Stone circle on a Corralejo beach
Stone circle on a Corralejo beach

Read the dedicated blog post about these beaches – Corralejo Beaches

Jandia Beaches

Sotavento beach - beast beaches Fuerteventura
Sotavento Beach

The Jandia beaches are located in the south west of the island. They run for about 20 miles from Morro Jable in the south to Costa Calma at the northern end.

There are various roads coming off the main road which lead to the beach all along it’s length. Try Esquinzo, Butihondo, Sotavento and Esmeralda beaches which all have exits signposted off the main road.

Sotavento beach is very popular with kite and wind surfers as well.

Jandia Beaches
One section of the beautiful Jandia beaches

La Pared

La Pared is located towards the south west of the island. It is popular with surfers.

It is never really crowded so can be a great place to head to for a quiet day lying on the sand. There are no amenities on or near the beach (thankfully) so make sure you take your drinks and food with you.

Fuerteventura beaches La Pared
La Pared Beach


Cofete is located right in the south of the island and involves a spectacular drive to reach it. It is certainly one of the most remote beaches in Fuerteventura. It is well worth the effort and you really may find much of the beach entirely to yourself as it is a large beach and probably the least visited on the island..

In 2013 they filmed much of the parting of the Dead Sea scenes in the Hollywood film, Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale on the beach in Cofete.

Cofete beach Fuerteventura
The remote Cofete beach

Car Hire

To get to most of these beaches you will need a car. Driving here is easy (read my tips and driving laws post) and renting a car is very cheap. I have written this article giving advice on hiring a car in Fuerteventura.

Naturist Beaches in Fuerteventura

I have now written a full article on the naturist beaches in Fuerteventura and accommodation so please refer to that for complete details of the beaches used by naturists in Fuerteventura.

Most of the beaches in Fuerteventura are used by naturists, at least in part. Naturists and non-naturists generally co-exist quite happily, although August when the beaches get crowded with Spanish families there can be some friction.

I believe that Spanish law states that it is perfectly legal to be nude in any “natural” areas – which is why it doesn’t take place on the town beaches.

The most popular beaches with naturists are:

  • The main dune beach area of Corralejo
  • The lagoon beaches of El Cotillo towards the lighthouse
  • Steps beach outside El Cotillo
  • Tindaya Beach
  • Much of Sotavento/Jandia beach in the south
  • Cofete beach

If you don’t want to see nude people on the beach then don’t go to these beaches. Don’t go to them with the intention of being deliberately “offended”. Believe it or not, people actually do that.

My advice would be – If you haven’t tried it – don’t knock it. Perhaps your holiday in Fuerteventura is the ideal time to give it a go.

Fuerteventura Beaches Video

Finally, the following video will give you a great idea of what the first three of these beaches are like so please check it out.

Watch video in Youtube – Top 3 beaches in Fuerteventura

Canary Islands beaches don’t get any better than these in Fuerteventura so come here and check them out for yourself.

Most unusual Beach in Fuerteventura

If you are into the unusual then Popcorn Beach in the north of the island certainly fits the bill. This article shows how to find it – Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura – a very unique beach

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