Where to live in Fuerteventura – La Oliva




Where to live in Fuerteventura – La Oliva Fuerteventura

The most often question I get asked when people contact me is “Where do you live in Fuerteventura?” As most people never visit La Oliva when they come to Fuerteventura I thought I would do a video on what there is here to see and what facilities there are.

Frankly, it is not the most exciting place in the world to live. There are few places to eat or drink, and what bars there are really have little to recommend them. Having said that, the centre is ok and it is quite nice having a coffee at the kiosk in the church square (plaza del Iglesia).

Where to live in Fuerteventura was an easy one for us. We would have preferred to live in El Cotillo but there are only apartments there and we wanted a house (as we have dogs). Our second choice was Lajares, which I still like, but the houses are more expensive there. So we ended up in La Oliva.

The Colonel’s Route in La Oliva

You can do the “Ruta de los Coroneles” on a Tuesday and Friday. You can find more information here – Route of the Coroneles
and book online here – Online Booking

Where to live in Fuerteventura - La Oliva Fuerteventura

la oliva fuerteventura
The guides

You can visit:

  • the Centro de Arte Canario ‘Casa Mané’ (La Oliva Art Gallery)
  • Casa de la Cilla
  • Casa de los coroneles
  • the Iglesia de la Candelaria (church)
  • Casa del Coroneles.

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4 responses to “Where to live in Fuerteventura – La Oliva”

  1. Alex James avatar
    Alex James

    Hi JP & Sue, not to forget Oscar & Jenson,

    Thank you for the hard work in filming, editing and posting videos, but more so sharing your story with us.

    We watched and subscribed!


    1. admin avatar

      Thank you Alex. I appreciate that (and so do Oscar and Jenson) 😉

  2. Don avatar

    Hi JP,

    Thanks for the tour. I’ve enjoyed visiting the attractions on your video on my holidays to Fuerteventura. The Art Museum has a great collection with paintings from Canary Island painters and changes the some of the exhibits so there’s usually something new to see next visit. I usually buy a print or postcard from the well-stocked shop there. I liked the Grain Museum – it gives a history of the island and the struggle to get enough water for farming. The staff were friendly and interested in their subject. Casa de Los Coroneles is worth a visit too and had art on sculpture on display when I visited.

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      I am glad you enjoyed it Don.

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