People Watching in Corralejo – Breakfast and Music Too




Sue and I enjoy a bit of people watching. This can be while lying on the beach, at Fuerteventura Airport, at an event or while just sitting having a coffee or a sundowner at a bar.

people watching
Cordon Blue in Corralejo

The other morning we had a few chores to take care of in Corralejo. After we had done them we decided to go for coffee and a late breakfast. We rarely do the “full English” breakfast, but if we do, we like to go to the Cordon Blue restaurant on the sea front. There, sitting outside, you have a wonderful panoramic view of the whole of the Corralejo waterfront. You can also watch the ferries come and go to Lanzarote.

people watching

This particular morning two guys were busking just by the restaurant. As it was nice, many people were walking up and down the promenade in the lovely morning sunshine. We settled down, had a first coffee, and played one of our favourite people watching games – “Guess the Nationality”.

The buskers were very good, one playing guitar and the other a harmonica. They played a good variety of music too.

Watch video in Youtube –  Breakfast in Corralejo

2 responses to “People Watching in Corralejo – Breakfast and Music Too”

  1. Joanne Stewart avatar

    Hi would you happen to know any of the regulations re busking in Fuerte? I know there’s few in Antigua when we’ve been before. My partner and I are coming over with our instruments and want to do a spot or two.
    Kind regards

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Joanne. Obviously I am no expert as I can’t play a note, despite owning two guitars. However I have heard that there is such a thing as a busker’s license that can be obtained – how I don’t know although it is probably from the town hall (Ayuntamiento) of the region you intend playing in. I suspect many don’t have one anyway. If it is anything like obtaining a fishing license then it may take a few weeks to come though, by which time you will probably be gone!

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