Am I Lucky To Retire To Fuerteventura?



Retire to Fuerteventura


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Am I Lucky To Retire To Fuerteventura?

Absolutely not! When we decided to retire to Fuerteventura, as far as I am concerned, luck had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Sue and I decided that we wanted to retire in Fuerteventura, so we worked towards that.

I always say that if it was down to luck, with my luck, I would be living somewhere awful and would certainly not be living in the Canary Islands.

Almost anyone can retire to Fuerteventura, or anywhere else, if they really want to. Whether you want to retire in Fuerteventura, elsewhere in the Canary Islands or in mainland Spain then go for it. Don’t put obstacles in the way that don’t really exist.


That is the cry we hear most often as a reason people say they can’t retire here. “I couldn’t be away from the grandchildren for long periods” or “What if my daughter was ill? Who would look after the grandchildren then?” Well you make your choice and live with it. If you choose to stay in the UK to be closer to family then that is your choice – luck has nothing to do with that either.

The couple we bought our house from loved their life here. They had children and grandchildren in the UK. One of their daughters then decided she wanted to go back to work rather than stay at home to look after the kids. She rang her parents who quickly agreed to sell up and move back to be unpaid child-minders so she could go back to work. To use the vernacular, WTF is that about? Stupid them in my opinion but perhaps they deserved it for raising such a selfish daughter in the first place!

What about Brexit?

This is obviously a new excuse people are using. No-one wants to commit to moving to Spain because they are afraid of what may happen. So they will wait yet another 2 years or more to make a decision, which means they are two years older so even less likely to make the move. Life is too short to sit around waiting for “what ifs“, in my opinion anyway. That way you never do anything. When the UK comes out of the EU then you may lose your right to live anywhere else in the EU. However, if you are already there, and legally residents, it is highly unlikely that you will be sent packing. So perhaps now is definitely the time to move to Spain, or wherever, before it is too late!

Watch the video to hear my views on luck.

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4 responses to “Am I Lucky To Retire To Fuerteventura?”

  1. Phil Bermingham avatar
    Phil Bermingham

    What great videos you make, I am 64 live in the uk and regularly holiday in caleta de fuste, I do a lot of walking and I wonder if you could advise me on some really good walks on this wonderful island,or even better, make a walking video, you are living the dream my friend well done, I will be in caleta at X as and new year, really looking forward to it, keep making YouTube videos…………….. Phil Bermingham,

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      Reply sent Phil

  2. Trevor Jackson avatar
    Trevor Jackson

    Hi JP

    How do I overcome the 90day limit per year if I want to retire there next year, I’m in the process of buying a house in fuerteventura at the moment?

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      I presume you mean you want to retire and live here full time Trevor. You will need to apply for residencia. If you can do this before the end of this year it will be easier than next year. I suggest you join Citizens Advice Bureau Spain on Facebook which is a great place for information and to ask questions.

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