Gopro dog harness on our walk



gopro dog harness


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The dogs become cameramen using the Gopro dog harness

We tried out our new Gopro dog harness on our dog walk with my Qumox SJ5000 action camera attached. This is Oscar and Jenson’s favourite time of the day – walkies time. We go out a roughly 5pm in the winter and 6pm in the summer. Oscar has an amazing body clock as he starts nagging me about 30 minutes before then and doesn’t stop until we go out.

I tried out the dog camera harness on Oscar first but, being a bit of a wimp, he was too worried about what it was on his back to run around. So I put the video camera mount on Jenson instead which worked much better. We met Mauro and his two dogs, Curro and Chester. For some reason Chester didn’t get into the video – too busy hunting for rabbits I suspect.

The dog camera mount works well, provided it is adjusted correctly. It was a bit loose on Jenson as I only adjusted quickly for him after I took it off of Oscar, so it slipped once or twice. It is quite good value I think and appears well made so will take a bit of abuse. I bought it from Amazon.

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