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Fuerteventura July


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Monthly Vlog Fuerteventura July 2016 – A Hot and Quiet Month

We had no visitors during July and as it was quite hot, with a Calima too, we did very little apart from cool off in the pool. That suited us but doesn’t make for much of an interesting video. But that is life here in Fuerteventura I guess.

This month’s vlog includes:

– Oscar’s turn to visit the vet for his annual Rabies and other injections
– Sue’s family of wild birds in the garden. She is an avid bird feeder, and was in the UK too. We have lots of visiting and resident birds as a result.
– Bath time for both Oscar and Jenson. Neither are very keen but grin and bear it.
– I went filming on the beaches of El Cotillo for a recent video – See post
– The dogs favourite walk is in the dry river beds near Lajares so we went there quite often, a bit later than normal to let it cool down a bit

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