Winter in Fuerteventura Vlog February 2016



Winter in Fuerteventura


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Fuerteventura Vlog February 2016 – Winter in Fuerteventura

What happened in my life during winter in Fuerteventura in February 2016.

Although the start of February was lovely, winter finally arrived so we had snow, hail, frosts and – well perhaps not. OK we had a couple of weeks of sometimes cloudy weather with 4 or 5 days of rain. I even got wet on a dog walk one evening so it was pretty bad I can tell you! Thank goodness winter seems to be over now ,-)


– getting the cars through their annual test
– shopping
– gardening
– rain and an accident
– lunch in El Cotillo
– coffee in La Oliva church square
– the dogs look for rabbits
– a friend’s birthday party

So that is another winter over, I imagine, and I have still not had to resort to wearing long trousers at any time. That is three years in shorts now!

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy retirement life then Fuerteventura, or any of the Canary Islands, could be a good choice. It isn’t paradise but then nowhere is perfect. The climate is wonderful though and it allows you to be active outside every day of the year giving a great retirement lifestyle. It is a lot easier here to answer that old question “What to do when you retire?”

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