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So many people seem to think that the life of an expat here in Fuerteventura is just one big holiday. If only that were the case.

What most people overlook is that once you live somewhere, as opposed to coming on holiday, life takes over. We have to do the shopping, do housework, do the washing, walk the dogs, and, in our case, turnaround our rental apartment.

When we came here on holiday for a week or two we ate out most nights. We spent most days on the beach. But of course, the life of an expat can’t be like that.

This video is a what a day in my life could be (but isn’t).

Watch video on Youtube.

The “dream” sequence: By the way, Jenny Agutter has always been a favourite of mine. In 1973, when I was 18, I was just coming out of a station in London. As I exited I, literally, bumped into the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. We smiled at each other, said “Sorry” and I immediately fell in love. I didn’t know who she was but as she walked away but I heard someone next to me say “That was Jenny Agutter”. She was about 19 at the time. Unfortunately, it was only one-way unrequited love it seems as she hasn’t tried to find me as far as I know – but I still live in hope!

If you are an ex-pat, let me know if your life is one long holiday in the comments below.

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  1. Stephen Davison avatar

    Hi JP

    Have you any guidance to offer as to where I might start asking questions about my retiring to Fuerte following Brexit. Like who do I speak to about how the spanish government are minded to treat UK citizens applying to live in Spain post the UK leaving the EU.

    My local MP and the YouGov site are totally clueless about UK citizens living in or moving to the EU. But will talk all day about EU citizens living in the UK.

    I’m looking to, initially, rent whilst I look around for somewhere to buy. My move is planned to be a permanent one with a probable base being in or near Lajares.

    What are the minimum entry requirements. I am retired and plan to stay that way but wouldn’t be averse to coupling my website with some degree of income generation.


    Steve Davison

    1. admin avatar

      Hi Stephen. I will reply to you by email.

      1. simone hollis avatar
        simone hollis

        Hi I woul appreciate the same info as I am hoping to buy a holiday property to rent out and live in Fuerteventura like yourself. Any info would be amazing please

        1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
          JP in Fuerteventura

          I have sent you an email Simone

  2. mrs p Strachan avatar
    mrs p Strachan

    Hi Jp
    We are a family of 2 ad and 1 child aged 9.
    We’re interested in moving to caleta in 2022.
    Can you advise general costs of living. Is there council tax etc applicable and cost of utilities such as gas electricity for 3 bed townhouse.
    We can afford to buy outright but need to ensure wed have enough to live on

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      Hi. Housing costs, once you have bought, are much lower here. We pay just under 300€ a year council tax (as opposed to the £1850 a year that the house we sold in the UK is now). Utilities are roughly the same cost but you don’t need heating and you use less electricity. I suggest you send me an email as it is easier to corespond that way. Email address is on the About Me page.

  3. Ortrun avatar

    Hi JP,
    Thank you very much for the competent information and I am enthusiastic about your passion for Fuerteventura. We have been on the island regularly since 2011 – for longer work stays and would like to live and rent there in Lajares or in the north soon. I remember your experience in Lajares well – that is exactly why I am turning to you. We watch the market and at the same time networking is important for mutual benefit. I look forward to tips on rentable houses with two bedrooms or more and a garden for remote working. Thank you very much in advance. I am happy to provide further information. Thank you very much!

    1. JP in Fuerteventura avatar
      JP in Fuerteventura

      Hi. Long term rental, particularly in the north of the island, has become harder to find (and the prices have gone up as a consequence) due to an infux of people from Italy in recent years. The best thing to do is to monitor the main agents websites (Goldacre, Roomtobreathe, Bliss Properties etc) and perhaps contact them and tell them what you want so they can notify you if something suitable becomes available. If I see something I will try and let you know. Good luck.

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