Heavy Rain in Fuerteventura in October



Heavy rain in fuerteventura


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rain in fuerteventura
Heavy rain in Fuerteventura

Although not unheard of at this time of year, we have had quite a lot of heavy rain in Fuerteventura over the past week. We have had a number of “orange” weather alerts, not just for us, but for the whole of the Canary Islands. Roads have been closed by torrents of water running across the roads. One of the problems here as that the ground is so hard, or just rock, so that the water doesn’t soak in. It either just runs off the land and ends up in the sea or it sits in large puddles until it eventually evaporates. The temperature is still in the mid-20s though with the sun coming out between rain showers.

We have been losing our electricity as the rain finds its way into the wiring. Fortunately I have isolated it to the lighting circuit so we have other electricity available for tv and internet. I went to bed by candlelight the night before last for the first time in many years.


Oscar seems to quite like walking though the puddles but Jenson isn’t keen at all. Fortunately the walk we go on most is paved for most of it so we can avoid the mud.


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