Cofete: The Windy Road





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 The Windy Road To Cofete

That is windy as in “bendy” not windy as in “breezy”. Cofete is almost at the bottom of Fuerteventura and is somewhere not many people see.

We took our friends on a trip down south to Cofete, which is quite a trek once you leave the paved roads of Morro Jable. I had to fib a bit to Sue telling her it would only take 20 minutes as if I had told her the truth she would never have gone. The road is rather bumpy and windy in places but it is certainly worth the trip. Sue’s comments are quite funny on the way down from the viewing point.

There is a 4×4 bus service that goes from Morro Jable if you don’t fancy the drive yourself.

A large house, Villa Winter, sits above the village overlooking the coast. It was owned by a German, Gustav Winter, who was a friend of Franco. Many rumours surround the villa. The villa contains an operating theatre and the rumours are that at the end of WW2 some senior Nazis escaped by submarine and were then operated on by a plastic surgeon at Villa Winter before continuing on to South America.

Cofete was one of the major locations for the filming of Exodus: Gods and Kings.

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